Tomas Januska Throws Dust and Color Pigments While Shooting Downhill Skaters

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Shooting downhill skaters is quite popular. But some photographers like to add a little extra to a shoot. Photographer Tomas Januska is one of them. For this shoot he decided to make it a little bit dirtier by adding flour and color pigments to the images.

Tomas has since the start of his photographic career been interested in dust and movement.

“At the beginning of my photography career, I was experimenting with dust, movement and people and by talking to friends who take part in skateboarding we decided to create some sort of photoshoot.”, he says.

“We decided to shoot skateboarders whilst they are riding down a hill, and during the time of the turn the downhill skateboarder will create a slide whilst having color pigments and dust incorporated within this moment in time, also capturing the actual movement of the downhill skateboarder with the skateboard.”

Shooting downhill skaters getting 30 kg flour and 30 kg color pigments thrown at them could definitely be a challenge. But not for Tomas, who planned everything ahead. He also got help from the UK downhill skateboarders: Josh Monk, Kami San and Ras and the Productions Team, DigiToast.


© Tomas Januska

© Tomas Januska


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Climbing To a Higher Level With TTL

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Set to TTL Mode, the B1 Off-Camera Flash will automatically provide you with a perfect exposure in a flash. Use TTL to shoot fast, to capture constantly moving subjects or simply to be able to fully concentrate on what happens in front of the camera. Like Maneki Neko did.

“Engin Türker is quite unique,” replies photographer Maneki Neko when asked about his athletic, wall-scaling subject. “Besides being a model, he is also a climbing instructor.

“So the idea behind this shoot was to show Engin’s physical appearance in the most raw and fierce aspect possible. For this reason, I told him to focus on his climbing and not worry about posing to the camera. But this presented a bit of challenge for my team and me. Engin moved quickly, and we had to do struggle to follow him with our lights! In fact, I think the shoot would’ve been almost impossible without TTL.”

This was the first time you put an Air Remote TTL-N on your Nikon camera and used the B1 Off-Camera Flash in TTL Mode. What did you think of it?

“The TTL capability really shines in a situation like this. It’s very difficult to get the correct exposure when you are shooting a moving subject. So leaving this task to TTL Mode is really liberating. It allows you to fully concentrate on the subject.”

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The Winners of Our Mark Seliger Contest

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Recently we had a contest where you could win a signed book by famous photographer Mark Seliger. We are now happy to present the winners!

The lucky winners are Achilleas, Appie, Christopher, Elisa, Elyse, Jeff, Miranda, Paul and Wilfried. A big congratulations to all the winners! Signed copies of Mark Seliger’s books are on their way to your doorstep!

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How Alexis Cuarezma Got 4 Different Looks in 1 Minute with 1 Lighting Setup

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San Francisco-based photographer Alexis Cuarezma was asked to shoot the US Men’s National Soccer Team for Sports Illustrated. The catch? He had only one minute with each player, and in that time he wanted to get not one but four different shots of each player. Impossible, you say? Nope. This is how he pulled it off. 

To complicate things further, the shoot was a three-part assignment.

The first part was the one already mentioned – the one where Alexis wanted to get four different shots of each of all 23 players in the US Men’s National Soccer Team.

The second part required Alexis to shoot a portrait of Clint Dimpsey AKA Captain American for the magazine cover.

The third part was a group portrait of all the German players that plays for team USA.

To complicate things even further, the shoot took place in the middle of nowhere on asphalt where there was no shade and no mains outlets.

So how did Alexis do it?

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Mark Seliger on His Iconic Portrait of Kerry Washington

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We recently had the privilege of meeting one of the true masters of portrait photography – Mark Seliger. This resulted in five new videos, in which Seliger shares his thoughts on lighting and portrait photography.

In the fifth video, Mark Seliger talks about how he created a story about Diana Ross, featuring American actress Kerry Washington.

“What was nice about this particular image was, during the afternoon, the light came through the sheers that existed in the house and they created this real glow.”, Mark describes in the video.

You will find all the videos at our dedicated Mark Seliger page.


© Mark Seliger

© Mark Seliger