Lions and Tigers and Sharon Montrose

Written by M. Gertz on . Posted in Animal photography

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Profoto Sharon Montrose Lions and Tigers and Sharon Montrose

©Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop, by photographer Sharon Montrose, features shots of all kinds of amazing animals including, yes, lions, tigers, and bears.

Sharons was recently featured with an interview on Pictureline where she revealed how she got started, the best and worst parts of her job, and how she responds to requests for advice.

Head over to Pictureline for the full article. It’s a good read.

Peter Kemmer, Cheryl, and a D1 Air Kit

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peter kemmer portrat Peter Kemmer, Cheryl, and a D1 Air Kit

What do you do when you get a D1 Air Kit for Christmas? Peter Kemmer, who describes himself as an “avid photographer, gamer, programmer, and wannabe artist,” broke it open and got right to it, with an adorably quirky portrait of his pet rat, Cheryl. Read below how he got the shot, what he loves about the D1 Air, and his thoughts on rat stereotypes.

I’m on an ongoing mission to rectify rats’ terrible PR. I’ve kept pet rats on and off since I was a teenager working at a pet store, and of all the small domesticated animals, I feel they are by far the most intelligent, loving, playful, quiet, and clean. Rats are beautiful creatures, and move with the grace of a cat with hands. I try to capture their charm in photography to fight the greasy, chittering, Hollywood stereotype… to show rats for what they are, without all the makeup and foley! As an avid hobbyist and would-be artist, they have been a frequent and beloved subject of mine. Read More

Matthew Seed: Horse Photographer

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horse 3 1 580x356 Matthew Seed: Horse Photographer

©Matthew Seed

Matthew Seed’s website is simply called Horse Photographer. Not only does that describe what Matthew does, it also says something about his humble approach and the respect he shows for the animals he photographs.

It was for this very reason that Matthew avoided using flash for many years.

“I started out not using flash at all,” says Matthew. “I thought the horses wouldn’t like it. But I soon got bored of doing that, and my personal view on photography is that it’s all about controlling light. I know the landscape guys would say different, but for me the thrill is having that control and painting with it.”

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