Zhang Jingna Walks Us Through a Commercial Photo Shoot, from Request to Postproduction

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Zhang Jingna Kwak Ji Young Phuong My FW13 Flowers in December1 600x399 Zhang Jingna Walks Us Through a Commercial Photo Shoot, from Request to Postproduction

Have you ever wondered how a commercial photo shoot is done? Well, wonder no more. Today, photographer Zhang Jingna will walk us through the entire process, from request to postproduction. Here is how it works, in Jingna’s own words:

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how a commercial photo shoot is done. In this post I’ll be doing a little walkthrough of the steps involved in one of my typical productions, from pre-shoot to final product. Whether you’re an upcoming photographer or just a hobbyist, I hope it sheds some light on the behind-the-scenes and you will find it an interesting read.

Before I start, I should also mention that typically for major clients, there is usually a large team of people working on a campaign. In those instances an executive producer will handle everything related to preparing the shoot, and thus often, all that’s needed of the photographer is to prepare his treatment (more on that in a bit), show up, and shoot.

However, for many other jobs, it’s becoming increasingly popular these days for the photographer to quote and execute the full-scale production of the photoshoot themselves. This post will cover a project’s process on this scale. Read More

How to Create a Superhero-esque Movie Poster in Less Than Two Hours

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 How to Create a Superhero esque Movie Poster in Less Than Two Hours

©Andrew McGibbon

It goes without saying that blockbuster movie posters are the result of countless hours of postproduction and spending ridiculous amounts of money. But if you are willing to take it down a notch, you can do your very own poster in just two hours!

South African photographer Andrew McGibbon was recently asked to shoot a promotional image for a man who was about to start his own private security company. The two agreed that a superhero-esque, movie poster-like image would be suitable (everybody needs a hero, right?). But time was short and the budget was limited, so Andrew had to come up with a quick and easy solution. Here is how he did it, explained in six simple steps: Read More

How to Control Power

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Profoto BorrowLenses How to Control Power


Are monolights your bread and butter? Sohail Mamdani has a helpful post on the BorrowLenses blog covering how to control power on a Profoto pack.

Mamdani admits after getting used to monolights, he found the idea of a pack a bit daunting. What? You can control three lights at once? In response, he put together this guide to illustrate the basics of working with a Profoto Acute2R 2400 pack. It will have you shooting with confidence.

Using a Sekonic light meter mounted on a light stand, Sohail visually demonstrates how to alter the output of the pack from full power at 2400ws down to 75ws, a much greater degree of variability than the typical monolight.

Read the full guide and stay tuned to the BorrowLenses blog for part two of this series, which promises to take you through controlling light for multiple heads on one pack.

Strobist on Extension Cords

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Cord Strobist on Extension Cords

©David Hobby

Tireless off-camera flash enthusiast and educator David Hobby of Strobist fame has a fine post regarding the use of quality extension cords for plug-in strobes. Hobby is all about spending a few extra dollars and getting a quality, although often overlooked, piece of gear.

“Cords are cheap and strobes are expensive,” Hobby sums up. He also explains how some voltage is always lost across the thinner cables, which inherently have more resistance. Do this and you’ll get dips in voltage, which is, of course, bad for your flash units.

Do yourself and your expensive gear a favor. Read this Strobist blog post to see why it’s smart to invest in some quality extension cords to power your lights.

New York’s Fashion Week Up North

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wst New Yorks Fashion Week Up NorthLast week, New York’s famed Fashion Week had it’s opening salvo not in its usual location of Manhattan’s Bryant Park, but in the county just north of the city. The Westchester, an upscale mall in the county seat of White Plains, New York, played host to its version of Fashion’s Night Out.

Many mall vendors to the goodie bags given to the first 200 guests, but the real excitement was at the Neiman Marcus anchor store, where any photographer who wanted to could participate in a live fashion shoot presented by Profoto. Models held their best poses as shooters tried out Profoto gear and built up their knowledge of off-camera flash.

You can learn more by checking out this story by Novella Nicholson writing for The Daily Harrison.