Did You Know That You Can Browse Published Profoto Reviews at Our Website?

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Profoto reviews 1 Did You Know That You Can Browse Published Profoto Reviews at Our Website?

This is the Profoto Blog where we keep telling you that Profoto flashes and Profoto Light Shaping Tools are the bomb. We honestly believe that. But we don’t blame you if you don’t want to take our word for it. It is, after all, the Profoto Blog…

The thing is, you don’t have to take our word for it. Other people are writing about our gear too. We’ve compiled some of these independent Profoto reviews at our website.

Click here if you want to read what other people are saying about us.

Also, if you’ve posted a review of any of our products, leave a comment below and we’ll check it out. We always value feedback, good or bad.

Andy Kruczek’s B1 Off-camera Flash Review for Photo Professional Magazine

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Yup, we know. This is the third day in a row we post a B1 Off-camera flash review. But this one is a bit different. Reviewer Andy Kruczek didn’t just try it himself. He involved a team of students with little or no experience of flash photography.

Andy starts off the review, shot and written for Photo Professional Magazine, by saying:

“My quandary was how best to test it, and the answer came when I found myself giving a talk to students at a local college, Dudley Evolve in the West Midlands. Why not, I thought, get the students involved in a shoot and let them loose with the new Profoto B1 heads?”

Said and done. Andy brought four B1s, one Canon EOS 5D Mark III equipped with an Air Remote TTL-C, two Zoom Reflectors, a Softbox RFi 1×4′ and a Softbox RFi 3′ Octa to the Dudley Evolve college. With the students as his models and assistants for the day, Andy and his newly formed team created ten final images with ten different looks in just three hours.

Andy rounds off his B1 off-camera flash review saying:

“I hate the phrase ‘game changer’, but never was it more appropriate.”

The final images plus a couple of behind-the-scenes images can be found below.

Read the full story in this month’s issue of Photo Professional Magazine, out in stores now.

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Moose Peterson Tests the B1 Off-camera Flash: “The BEST Ever!”

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Moose Petersen Tests the Profoto B1 best ever 3 Moose Peterson Tests the B1 Off camera Flash: The BEST Ever!

©Moose Peterson

Wild life and aviation photographer Moose Peterson is the latest photographer to write about his very first experience with the B1 off-camera flash.

Considering Mooses’s modus operandi, we guessed that the cordless and powerful B1 would fit him like a glove. We were happy to learn that that assessment was correct. In fact, Moose names the B1 the “the BEST ever”!

“The Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Flash is a beautiful 500w light in a small package,” writes Moose furthermore. “It’s powered by a battery the size of a cigarette packet, that blows me away. Being a small package was a really IMPORTANT consideration since I’ll be flying to locations often with these units. But the #1 consideration for all the units I tested was the quality of light they produce. That’s where the B1 really excelled!”

Click here for the full story.

American Photo’s Profoto B1 Review: “Light of My Life.”

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American Photo Profoto B1 review 1 American Photos Profoto B1 Review: Light of My Life.

The latest Profoto B1 review has arrived. This one comes from Stan Horaczek at American Photo, who declares that “Profoto’s wireless strobe system, with swappable batteries is a winner” and cheekily names the B1 the light of his life.

“Setting up this “off-camera flash” system felt like using speedlights,” writes Stan furthermore. “I didn’t have to run any cords or attach any battery packs. I didn’t even worry about adjusting the flash power on the back of the head. I just set the lights on stands, put the Air Remote TTL-C onto a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and fired a test shot. To my surprise, I got a usable first frame.”

Click here for the full review.

Fstoppers’ B1 Off-camera Flash Review

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Profoto B1 off camera flash review Fstoppers Fstoppers B1 Off camera Flash Review

Fstoppers staff writer and portrait photographer Zach Sutton just published a thorough B1 off-camera flash review. His verdict? “Exceptional.”

Zach starts off the review by naming the B1 “the most exciting product announced within the last year.” He then discusses its build and interface, its TTL function, cordless design and fast recycing, amongst other things.

Finally, he concludes:

“Profoto refuses to call the Profoto B1 a speedlight or monolight, but rather, an off-camera flash. What I like to call it, however, is exceptional,” he writes. “I was beyond excited when this light was announced back in November, and I’m only more excited now. I truly believe that the Profoto B1 is the best product to come out for photographers in the last year, and only makes me excited that wall powered studio strobes can someday be a thing of the past.”

Click here for the full story.