Breed’s & Bogdan Morozovskiy’s Profoto B1 Video Review: “The Profoto B1 is a must have.”

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Breed's & Bogdan Morozovskiy's Profoto B1 Video Review

©Dana Pennington

Breed is a website dedicated to providing up-and-coming fashion photographers with the right tools and knowledge to make it to the top. This includes doing reviews of the latest and greatest gear to hit the market. Their lastest review? A Profoto B1 video review.

Breed’s Profoto B1 video review is best described as a conversation between two photographers who have both tried and tested the B1 in the field.

“I’m not a gear junkie,” writes Breed writer Dana Pennington. “But when Profoto announced the B1, I knew it was going to be a game changer. It is.”

“Definitely something in a completely new league of lighting,” adds his friend and photographer Bogdan Morozovskiy, who did a field of the B1 in the desert east of Los Angeles.

Click here to watch the full review at the Breed website.

Master Photography’s Profoto B1 Review: “A Little Bit of Light & Magic”

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The latest issue of UK magazine Master Photography contains a review with the awesome title “Profoto B1 – A Little Bit of Light & Magic!” The magazine hits the streets today. Be sure to pick it up.

The review was done by London-based photographer Richard Bradbury, who, as you might’ve guessed from the title, was mighty impressed by the B1. Here is a particularly nice quote we like:

“The adaptive TTL gives you the same freedom as shooting with an on-camera flash gun but offers a level of light crafting that is only achievable with a full studio flash system. The B1 system could just change photographers’ lives. A little piece of Swedish alchemy… welcome to the photo equipment hall of fame. I love it!”

Richard also did a video version of his review, which will also give you a bit more insight into how the images in the review was created. Be sure to check that one out too.

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Click here to learn more about the B1.

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Lighting Rumors’ Umbrella Deep Review: “Excellent Job Profoto!”

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Umbrellas let you create a soft and beautiful light with a minimum of hassle. Thinking of getting one? In that case you might be interested in reading Lighting Rumors’ Umbrella Deep Review?

Lighting Rumors’ Umbrella Deep review, written by photographer and staff writer Ricardo Gomez, reads almost like a short story. It starts with Ricardo telling how he first got into photography and discovered umbrellas. Furthermore he talks about how he came across the new Profoto Umbrellas and how he eventually got his hands on the deeper, more parabolic version. He then goes into the actual test and, to our great joy, compliments the umbrellas for their build quality, highly reflective interior and softbox-like quality of light.

Ricardo rounds off his review saying: “Excellent job Profoto!” Happy you like ‘em, Ricardo!

Click here to read the full review.

Brian Braun’s Profoto B1 Review. Plus a Bunch of Wonderful Portraits.

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©Brian Braun

Photographer Brian Braun is driving around The States in his huge Airstream, photographing the people he meet and the places he sees. To light his subjects, Brian brought a Profoto B1 and an Umbrella Deep – products which he now has reviewed on his blog.

“Setting out on my journey I quickly realized 99.9999% of the time I would be traveling alone,” writes Brian. “This means 2 things I had to be aware of. The first is that I would have to be very proactive in meeting people. The second was that any  and all of the gear that I so deeply love to use would have to be manageable only by me.  So you can imagine my excitement when Profoto announced their new B1 lights.”

The review also includes some information about Brian’s portrait series Faces Along A Journey. As the name suggests, the series consists of portraits of the people Brian meets on his journey – all lit with the B1 and the Umbrella Deep.

“My approach to my lighting is to feather the light across the  subject’s face,” writes Brian as he gets down to the lighting details. “Almost emulating the sun but just lower. Place the back end of the umbrella almost at the ear of the subject slightly angled toward them. This causes the light to fall right across their face while leaving the other side untouched and shadowed…thus creating mood! ahhhhaaaa!”

Click here to read Brian’s Profoto B1 review and to learn more about how he lit his portraits.

You can also follow Brian on his journey through the States on his Facebook account an Twitter account.

Photography Life’s Profoto B1 Review: “Without a Doubt, the Profoto B1 Is an Amazing Strobe”

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The latest Profoto B1 review has seen the light of day. This time it’s the online photo magazine Photography Life that takes the flash for a spin. And they like what they see. 

“Without a doubt, the Profoto B1 is an amazing strobe,” writes Nasim Mansurov, author and founder of the magazine. ““Being able to operate studio-quality lights in outdoors conditions without any cables or external battery packs, with the added advantage of using a pop-up flash on a Nikon DSLR (or an external infrared commander) is a huge plus, especially when shooting indoors or in low light.

“At just 3 kilos, it is a lightweight head that is truly portable when working in the field. No more dangling cables, no more battery packs to carry around! A truly versatile setup that currently has no equivalents on the market. Yes, it is an expensive head, but if you factor in all of the above features and capabilities, you certainly do get what you pay for.”

Click here to read the full review. It’s long, it’s thorough, and it’ll be well-worth every minute of your time!

If you want to read and see what other people think of the B1, click here.

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