Bsmart: Clever Teamwork

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king comhem fashion 1 Bsmart: Clever Teamwork


If you get off the subway at the Stockholm Public Library, cross the road and turn left, you will come across an old, beautiful, yellow brick building. This was once a stable for Stockholm’s garbage transporting horses, but today the renovated building houses one of the city’s most sought-after production teams: Bsmart.

The first thing you will notice when you step through the doors is the studio. Almost the entire ground floor is occupied with photo sets. There are two large Sinar P3 cameras, Profoto D4 units, boom stands, rails and props, amongst other things. But Bsmart is not just a traditional photo studio. Take the stairs to the next floor and see for yourself. Here is the office, where cameras are replaced by computers and Wacom tablets.

“We work with all kinds of images,” says Bsmart’s head honcho Tomas Lestrup. “Photography, CGI, retouch and even animation and video. The ad agencies don’t come to us just to get their images shoot. They come to us because we can help them decide which solution suits their needs the best. We become a part of the creative process, and once the decision has been made, we manage it all the way from the drawing board to finished product. I believe it’s a lot more effective way of doing things.”

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Bsmart’s business model has proved successful. For instance, the images above are taken from an ongoing campaign for Com Hem telecommunications, which can now be found in newspapers, magazines and posters all over Stockholm. (On the web too, for that matter.)

The images were shot by Hans Carlén, one of five photographers working fulltime at Bsmart. To do so, he used two Profoto D4 units, a Giant Reflector, a Softlight Reflector and two more reflectors. The result was then sent upstairs to the retouch and CGI crew, who in turn clothed the model in her astonishing, telecom-friendly dress.

Hans, who previously worked as a freelance photographer, have nothing but positive things to say regarding working in a larger team like Bsmart.

“I get to work with a lot of talented people, who are specialized in all these different fields. The people here aren’t the slightest territorial. The CGI guys often come down here to the studio, while I enjoy going upstairs and share my thoughts on their work, from a photographer’s perspective. Everybody helps everybody, and in the end, we all benefit from it.”

“We are bombarded with images every day,” adds Tomas “It’s a tough but also exciting challenge to get people’s attention. That’s our driving force at Bsmart: to create images that stick out, that people remember.”

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savemyday morrispinewood bsmart 031 Bsmart: Clever Teamwork


savemyday morrispinewood bsmart 041 Bsmart: Clever Teamwork


savemyday morrispinewood bsmart 021 Bsmart: Clever Teamwork

We also have a nice video from Bsmart, which, will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Also, make sure to check out their website.

Written by Fredrik Franzén


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