Luzena Adams Wins April’s Profoto Assistant Contest

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Luzena Adams has been named winner of the April Profoto Assistant Contest. Her winning image impressed judges with its composition, harmony of color and frozen motion.

luzenaadams Luzena Adams Wins Aprils Profoto Assistant Contest

A graduate of Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Photography, Adams left her native country and moved to New York in 2007 to work as an assistant for fashion photographers.

An avowed photographer of people, Adams planned her series of photos she entered in the contest with Profoto technology in mind. “I thought of the concept for this shoot because I knew I was going to use these great new flashes,” she says. “The Profoto Pro-8a Airs were awesome in how many flashes they could pump out. I knew their capability and I wanted to take advantage of it. They could do so many flashes in a short timeframe, so I could do things I normally wouldn’t. I found it amazing. They were very easy to connect, and they functioned together perfectly. Profoto gear is so easy to use, with such reliably fantastic results. Plus, they look more chic than any other equipment on the market.”

By winning the April contest, Adams is eligible for the US$10,000 Grand Prize. Congrats, Luzena!

Luzena Adams Photography


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