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Stephen J. Herzberg of Prairiefire Productions has posted a great account of his busman’s holiday with Hanson Fong in Houston.

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Hanson Fong, fresh off an appearance at the Houston stop on the Beauty and Beast tour, took a day off and hung out with me. So, how did we spend our holiday? Go fishing? Visit one of Houston’s great museums? Take a hike? No. We spent the day in my studio lighting and shooting with a great model, an up and coming MUA, and my new Profoto D1 500 Airs.

The D1 500 AirD4, tethering, the Profoto Air system, PocketWizards, and using light as a structural element, Herzberg covers it all in this informative article. Well worth the read as he breaks down everything from triggering and metering to posing and lighting placement. Don’t miss the video, either!


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