Peter Belanger’s Time-Lapse MacWorld Cover

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Too cool not to post! What a great way to show how deeply involved and detailed the process is of commercial photography! Did you spot the two Profoto D4’s for the product shoot? Check out Peter’s Blog for more detail.

via Strobist

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Comments (3)

  • tommy


    Why don’t they make this image in a 3D sotfwear?

    BTW; I have two Profoto D4 2400 and ten heads :)


  • Stefan Tell


    This is great, I wish more photographers could take their time to document the workflow and including setups, it must be a great marketing effort if you can.

    I try to make setup diagrams for studio shots on Flickr and on my blog, but nothing that compares to this.


  • Trey Kaiser


    Incredible posting. I love how seeing how others work. Luckily I learned early on that there are many way to accomplish the same outcome but its always good to see how others solve problems.

    I’m still using Dynalite packs and monoblocs from but I would love to get a Profoto battery pack.

    This blog has had a few dry spells but the last two postings have been great so keep it up!



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