Zack Seckler: Part 3 – The True Love Project

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The third chapter is one of those ideas that pegs the originality meter. The concept? To use hypnosis as a pathway to the unconscious. To photograph people who, thanks to hypnotist Joel Elfman, have reached the state of a trance where they are able to visualize the camera as a beloved person.

This is a rare view of the human psyche and one which Seckler captures straightforwardly, elegantly, without apologies. The love of a baby being born, the love of a spouse that had passed away, even the love of one’s self – these are seen from a completely new perspective. The subject is in touch with his or her feelings in a way totally different from the “say cheese” or even “think about…” approach.

See for his photographs. Here is the making of the project:

The True Love Project from Zack Seckler on Vimeo.

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