Chad Doyon and the Biddeford Big Air

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Biddeford Big Air | ©Chad Doyon

Biddeford Big Air | ©Chad Doyon

It is always nice to see that it is not only established photographers that decide to invest their time and money in professional lighting equipment. Chad Doyon, for instance, who happily admits that he is still just learning the art, has already equipped himself with a set of battery generators.

“At the moment it’s just a hobby,” says Chad. “But I’m working hard on making it something more than that.”

When and why were these shots taken?

“These images are a genuine case of the phrase ‘it can’t hurt to ask’ having a real effect. I found out about this event on a Thursday morning with it taking place on the very next night. I contacted one of the coordinators assuming that they already had an event photographer. As luck would have it they didn’t and they were more than happy to have me shoot the event. The event was put on by a local church with nothing but good intentions for the kids involved. They spent over a month building the big air jump in the corner of the church parking lot. A positive event for the community, combined with my desire to shoot an event like this with no limitations, I gladly volunteered my time.” Read More

Profoto and Hasselblad on Tour in Italy

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Profoto & Hasselblad

Profoto & Hasselblad

Although we are a little late with this news, it still deserves to be mentioned. Profoto and Hasselblad, in collaboration with Grange and Aproma, is currently on a workshop tour throughout Italy. The tour consists of five seminars in five different cities. The first and second seminar was held in Bologna and Venice, while the final three will be held in Milan, Florence and Rome.

Each seminar will be hosted by a established photographer, who will set up a shoot (with Profoto lights and Hasselblad cameras) and then guide the participants through the challenges that occur along the way. For instance, Gianluca Colla, whose inspiring work was featured on our blog recently, will host the seminar in Rome.

The seminars are free. All you need to do is to register! More information about each seminar and how to register can be found below:

Milan seminar (May 30)

Florence seminar (June 12)

Rome seminar (June 13)

LifeFinder Tour Update

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LifeFinder Tour

LifeFinder Tour

The educational LifeFinder Tour continues to march across the United States. They’ve announced three winners in three different cities.

Samantha, New York: Finding beauty in the broken
Teresa, San Francisco: My inspiration is to tell a story with photography’s and not just words. I like to show the joy of photography.
Savannah, Orlando: The underlying emotional current of a scene, a model, and my own mind that i am struggling to fit into one picture.

Here are the remainder dates still available to attend.

May 25 — Orlando FL
Crowne Plaza- Orlando/Downtown
304 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32801

May 29 — Toronto Canada
The Distillery District
55 Mill Street Building 9- Suite 102
Toronto M5A3C4

May 31 — Orange County CA
SOCO Costa Mesa
Venue: The Chuck Jones Center
3313 Hyland Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Full details about the LifeFinder Tour can be found here.

Show Your Image at Photokina 2012

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Photokina 2012

Photokina 2012

Yes, Photokina is still the world’s largest trade fair for the photographic industry. There is no other place where so many industry professionals gather at once, and it goes without saying that it is a golden opportunity to showcase your work. Would you like to do so?

Here is the thing. Profoto will of course have its own booth, and there will be a number of screens in it, showing a selection of amazing images that was created with the help of our gear. We already have plenty of images, but it would be nice to also give our blog readers a chance to show what they can do. All images will of course have the photographers name and the website right next to it.

What do you say? Are you up for the challenge? Then send us an email containing the following:

  • An image shot with only Profoto lighting.
  • A lighting diagram for this image.
  • A list of the products used.

Send the email to images[a]

Good luck!

VIDEO: Eva Casado’s Delicious Dishes

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Every single post on our blog can be sorted into one of two categories: stuff that we found ourselves and stuff that you shared with us. To be perfectly honest, we prefer the latter category. A little less work and a lot more fun…

That is how we came across Spanish photographer Eva Casado. Eva, who specializes in still life, food, animal and interior photography, was kind enough to send us her latest video, in which we see her using the following set up:

The final images can be found further down this post or on Eva’s website. Nice work, Eva!

Also, if anyone else has images or a video that they want to share, please drop us a line. As mentioned above: a little less work and a lot more fun…

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