Filipe Serralheiro’s Shoot for BLESS Magazine

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Screen shot 2011 11 18 at 3.31.57 PM Filipe Serralheiros Shoot for BLESS MagazinePhotographer Filipe Serralheiro has posted about a photo shoot he did in Lisbon for BLESS magazine. Serralheiro writes:

“Despite the fact it was shot in broad daylight i wanted to give the feeling that the model went for a night out. I only used a single Profoto Head with a Zoom Reflector, attached to a Profoto Pro-7s.”

Be sure to check out the entire blog for more great photography by Serralheiro.

Monte Isom on Ice

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 Monte Isom on Ice

©Monte Isom

Photographer Monte Isom, whom we profiled previously, recently posted a behind-the-scenes video of a shoot he did for Molson Export. On the Vimeo page for the video, Isom picks it up with the following details.

To add drama I wanted to freeze the ice spray while keeping the focus on the player. So we chose Profoto Pro-8a 2400 Air packs for their short flash duration, super fast recycle time and 10 stop range. Being able to dial the packs down was important as all images except 1 setup are shot at f/2.8 at 1/800 with a Phase One 645 camera with a phase one P30+. I also utilized Profoto bi tubes in the event that I needed more power while maintaining the recycle time and short flash duration. A Nikon D3 was used for the motor 11fps shooting capability for shots of players taking shots on goal. The Pro-8′s kept up and recycled without a single frame being dark. Read More

Charles Maring on Photography and the Ultimate Partnership

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CE9C4952 D1 Charles Maring on Photography and the Ultimate Partnership

©Maring Visuals

Charles Maring works with his wife Jennifer in her home state of Connecticut, where he moved during his sophomore year of high school. With a corporate pilot father, Maring had been on the move every few years, and lived up and down the East Coast, as well as Colorado. Along with the moves, Maring’s father brought photography into his life, and built a darkroom in their house for his older brother. Soon Charles was spending many hours every day in it, practicing, learning, and dreaming of being a photographer.

Not only did Maring get his photographic start in his family darkroom, he actually earned money subcontracting enlargement work for local labs. This was before he became a photographer in earnest. Unlike most individuals in the film era who tried photography and moved into working in darkrooms to print their own work, Maring got his developing and enlarging chops down first. This had benefits decades later. Read More

Ann Elliott Cutting’s Conceptual Portraits

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Shutterbug Ann Elliott Cuttings Conceptual Portraits

Shutterbug website

American photo magazine Shutterbug recently published a piece on Ann Elliott Cutting. The article presents the conceptual portraits as well as the fine art works that made her a household name, and Ann herself generously reveals the techniques she utilized to create them.

To quote the article’s author Jack Neubart: “Cutting’s studio has a south-facing window. Cutting has become enamored of the feel this light gives to her images. However, window light, while it affords the shallow depth of field Cutting often prefers, may need to be augmented. That’s where her Profoto Acute 1200 and 2400 systems enter the picture.”

Further on, Cutting names her favorite cameras and tells the story of how she found her very own style and expression. It is a nice piece, well-worth reading.

Do so here.

Scott M. Lacey’s Big Boots

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Screen shot 2011 11 14 at 8.46.59 AM Scott M. Laceys Big Boots

©Scott M. Lacey

We’ve had our eye on photographer Scott M. Lacey since we discovered his blog last year. He recently posted about a product photography session he did featuring footware from To Boot New York.

Lacey used a Profoto AcuteB2 head and Magnum Reflector, with two Profoto D1 units. Full details and a lighting diagram can be found in his blog entry on the shoot. Great product photography can be found on his blog. Check out his portfolio to see more of his work for fine portraits as well as product photography. Lacey is a shooter we’ll continue to watch.