Joe Morahan: In the Moment, Part I

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Sports Photography

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joe morahan profoto 3 266x400 Joe Morahan: In the Moment, Part I

©Joe Morahan

We recently received a series of sports images that caught our attention. The man behind the camera turned out to be Joe Morahan, and we responded to his email with curiosity and a deluge of questions. Luckily for us, Joe was kind enough to answer our questions in detail. You can read excerpts from our email conversation below.

Why sports photography, Joe?

“Back in the day, I played a lot of sports. Baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, skiing, snowboarding and biking, to name a few. I loved sports more than anything. There was a feeling I got when competing that was different to anything else I had ever felt. Keep in mind that I am super competitive, but when I hit the field, it was like a complete escape from all other aspects of my life. I simply forgot about everything in life. It was total immersion. Nothing else mattered. It is this ephemeral feeling of freedom that I’m now trying to capture on a photographic shoot.”

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A Lively Fifty Year Old

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1 150x150 A Lively Fifty Year Old

Pro-1 | ©Ujin Lee

Earlier this week, we got a mail from fashion photographer Ujin Lee. The mail included images of something we honestly had not seen for a while: The Profoto Pro-1. Our very first generator.

The Pro-1 was released by Profoto in 1968. The generator that Ujin owns is not the first but the third edition of the Pro-1, released three years after the first one.  It does admittedly look a little weatherworn. However, it works like a charm, according to Ujin, who is just about to sell it on eBay, complete with heads and manual!

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Light Shaping Tool of the Month: Softlight Reflector

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Sold Light Shaping Tool of the Month: Softlight Reflector

Sold | ©Tom Epperson

Each month we highlight a certain item in Profoto’s rich assortment of Light Shaping Tools. Last month we talked to Knut Koivisto about the work he has done with the HR Lantern. The month before that, we interviewed Alex Giacomini, who was the very first photographer to get his hands on the new Umbrella XL. This month we talk to Tom Epperson.

An American in Manila. A surfer who loves architecture. An animator turned photographer. A commercial photographer with fine art exhibitions in New York. Tom Epperson is not an easy man to pigeonhole. We do know one thing, though. He favors the Softlight Reflector. Read More

F-stoppers interviews a-list photographer Brian Smith

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F stoppers 150x150 F stoppers interviews a list photographer Brian Smith

F-stoppers’ Mike Kelly has interviewed Pulitzer Prize winning celebrity photographer Brian Smith. As Mike puts it: Brian’s list of subjects he’s worked with reads like a rundown of Hollywood’s biggest A-list celebrities. Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Zooey Deschanel, Ben Stiller and Samuel L Jackson are just some of the names he has worked with.

In the interview, Mark tells the story of how his love for photography came to be, what cameras he uses and what lighting he prefers. (Yup, he uses Profoto flash packs.)

If you have not had the pleasure of taking part of Mark’s work, now is as good time as any!

British Journal of Photography Reviews the Profoto Giant Reflector 180

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BJoP 212x400 British Journal of Photography Reviews the Profoto Giant Reflector 180Editor Simon Bainbridge at The British Journal of Photography has published a review of his experience with the Profoto Giant Reflector 180 by writer Michael Roscoe

In this thoughtful, detailed review, Roscoe goes into detail not just on the reflector itself, but on light shapers—what kind of photographer uses them and why. Wouldn’t it be great if all gear reviewers put in time like this?

It’s clear Roscoe not only put the Profoto Giant Reflector 180 through it’s paces, but he actually got creative with it. He describes his work with a model, the other gear he used (D4 1200 generator with a Pro Head, and an Avenger Super Wind Up 29), and details the many types of light he was able to achieve.

The time he took to experiment with the Giant Reflector 180 compelled him to write, among other things:


It’s simple enough to get a classic wraparound lighting effect in no time, however, after spending a little more time with it, the possibilities become more and more varied. It is good for lighting large building interiors or automobiles as much as fashion shoots.

Glad you enjoyed this big light shaper, Michael! Definitely worth reading the complete review, and you can see his own photography at his site. Cheers!