VIDEO: Beyond Soft Light

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In this video for AdoramaTV, Mark Wallace shows us the rules are meant to be broken. Photography tutorials about how to make beautiful portraits using super soft lighting are a dime a dozen, but here’s how to make something special using hard light.

Wallace uses the Profoto D1 with no modifier and with a basic reflector to create several different hard light effects which are both flattering and dramatic.

See more videos on AdoramaTV. Mark Wallace can be found at Snapfactory and on Twitter.

VIDEO: Photokina Showreel

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On May 22, we asked you to submit images that we can show in our booth at this year’s Photokina trade fair. Our ambition was to show all of the selected images before the trade fair, but as Photokina starts this Monday and we still have about 20 images to show, we will have to post the showreel now and present the included images individually later.

(There is no sound on the video, so may we suggest that you put on a song you like before you press play?)

Anyway, huge thanks to those of you who shared your wonderful work with us, and a round of applause for the once featured in the final show reel: Alex Hajdu, Alexia Sinclair, Andrea Zvadova, Andrew McGibbon, Aorta, Bernhard Kristinn, Blair Bunting, Brian Braun, Christopher Wadsworth, Daniele Barraco, Erik Bolding, Florence Grall, Ian Ruhter, Joao Carlos, Joe Morahan, Kristoffer Lönnå, Lothar Wieland, Maciej Kuja, Marcus Bell, Mark van Vugt, Martin Häusler, Martin Wonnacott, Matias Antoniassi, Michal Korta, Michael Muller, Miller Mobley, Niels van Iperen, Olivier Ainouz, Olivier Brauman, Ramón Gelliada, Roméo Balancourt, Sibel Acikaln, Tim Dalton, Tim Wallace, Tom Epperson, Ville Paul Paasimaa and Adithya Zen.

See you all at Photokina! (We are in Hall 9.1 Stand B-010.)

Silver & Light, Part I

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Even though every Profoto product was designed with a purpose, we encourage and support creatives who find new ways of using them. Ian Ruhter is one of those photographers. Ian uses powerful Profoto strobes to rejuvenate the old wet plates technique . He  is currently traveling around his home country, photographing the places and the people who live there in this never-before-seen fashion. We will follow him on this journey in a series of articles, written by Ian himself. This is the first part of his story.

The day I discovered photography, I found my voice. Growing up, it was hard to express my thoughts and feelings in conventional ways. As photographers, we express ourselves through our photographs. These images are reflections of who we are.

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VIDEO: The Pro-B4 in Action

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Sports Photography

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Today is the official release date of the Pro-B4– the fastest, toughest battery generator ever made available to the public. The Pro-B4 is capable of firing up to 30 flashes per second and delivers flash durations down to 1/25,000 second. Needless to say, this opens up creative possibilities that yesterday’s photographers could only ever dream of.

Award-winning action photographer Marcel Lämmerhirt was the first photographer to ever lay his hands on the Pro-B4. Marcel recognized its potential and decided that he wanted to do something that could not be done with any other battery generator. After giving it some thought, he decided to bring the Pro-B4 to Wakelake at Wörth an der Isar in southern Germany and take sequence shots of the world champion in wakeboarding, Dominik Gührs, and the junior world champion, Freddy von Osten. Read More