VIDEO: Tobias Björkgren’s Grand Central Fashion Shoot

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Tobias Bjorkgren 560x4001 VIDEO: Tobias Björkgrens Grand Central Fashion Shoot

©Tobias Björkgren

Swedish photographer Tobias Björkgren just presented his very first behind-the-scenes video on his website.  The video was shot at hotel Scandic Grand Central in Stockholm, where Tobias did his most recent fashion shoot.

Tobias, who came quite well-prepareed the shoot, brought along a Phase One 645DF camera, an IQ180 digital back, a Profoto Pro-B3 AirS, a Profoto AcuteB2 AirS, a Cine Reflector, a Softlight Reflector (Beauty Dish) and a HR Softbox 7′ Octa RF, amongst other things. Read More

Light Shaping Tool of the Month: HR Lantern

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Helena Bergstrom Light Shaping Tool of the Month: HR Lantern

Helena Bergström | ©Knut Koivisto

Each month we highlight a certain item in Profoto’s rich assortment of Light Shaping Tools. Last month we wrote about our brand new Umbrella XL. This time we will take a closer look at the HR Lantern.

Someone who frequently uses the HR Lantern is Swedish portrait photographer Knut Koivisto. A photographic magazine recently described Knut as the man who photographs ordinary people as if they were celebrities, and celebrities as if they were ordinary people. What the publication essentially meant was that Knut has a talent for revealing the unique and the innermost human aspects in each of his subjects.

“I like to keep it simple,” says Knut. “I’m not very fond of messing around with a lot of equipment or creating highly advanced lighting set ups. I’d rather remove than add.”

How come?

“I think it’s because I come from a film background. One thing you learn when working with movies is the importance of setting the lights so that the subject can move freely. If you have a complicated set up, you’re locking down the person. But if you keep it simple, they can move around, which makes them more relaxed, responsive and focused on the image you’re creating. Another reason is that I don’t like it when it feels as if there was a lot of work behind the image. I prefer it when it feels like a quick snapshot of a real person.” Read More

John Lok Lights the Seahawks Secondary

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Screen shot 2011 12 28 at 10.48.24 AM John Lok Lights the Seahawks SecondarySeattle Times staff photographer John Lok has a new post up about a sports portrait assignment shooting the Seahawks secondary featuring Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. Going for a cross between a static portrait and a bit of sports training action, Lok came up with a compelling composition.

Lok used two Profoto Acute heads with 7-inch reflectors powered by a Profoto Acute 2R 2400 pack. His camera was a Canon 1D Mark III talking to his lights via PocketWizard radio triggers.

Be sure to check out the entire post to get the outtakes and behind-the-scenes shots, plus all gear info and camera settings. You can see more of Lok’s work at his Seattle Times photo gallery and follow him on Twitter.

The Phoblographer reviews the Acute2R Value Pack

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Screen shot 2012 01 03 at 8.41.52 AM The Phoblographer reviews the Acute2R Value Pack

About two months ago, the continuously growing site The Phoblographer published their first high-end review. The product in question was the Profoto D1 Studio Kit, and the review warmly recommended the kit to those who are looking for a starter kit or a reliable on-location kit. The review can still be found here.

Yesterday, The Phoblographer returned with an in-depth review of the Acute2R Value Pack, which includes a lightweight Acute2R 1200 flash pack, 2 Acute/D4 Heads and a Tenba carrying case. The reviewer had also got his hand on an Acute/D4 ring flash for the shoot.

The review can be found here, and if you feel like taking the shortcut, you will found a short excerpt below. Enjoy!

Read More

Andreas E.G. Larsson and Iker Gil Inside Marina City

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Screen shot 2011 12 12 at 12.37.22 PM 150x150 Andreas E.G. Larsson and Iker Gil Inside Marina CityPhotographer Andreas E.G. Larsson has an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago entitled Inside Marina City. The show runs through January 15, 2012, and chronicles the residents of Marina City, an iconic mixed-use residential/commercial building complex in Chicago, Illinois.

For over two years Larsson and creator and coauthor Iker Gil documented the residents of Marina City. “The exhibit broke an attendance record of any Art Institute opening. We had 700 people show up to the opening, and we’ve gotten lots of great feedback since,” Larsson says. Full details can be found at the project’s Web site.

Larsson reports the entire project was photographed with light provided by a Profoto Acute 600 generator.

The exhibit will travel to Boston after it’s run is finished in Chicago. You can get more information on Marina City resident Iker Gil at two sites, and Larsson at his photography site.