FACE/OFF 2011 Winners Announced

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Screen shot 2011 12 14 at 11.48.42 AM FACE/OFF 2011 Winners AnnouncedYello! has posted results of the FACE/OFF 2011 competition winners. Joshua Kogan was named First Place Winner for his image entitled “Water Colors.”

You can still see the entire gallery of images and vote for your favorites in the People’s Choice Awards. Make your voice heard!

Profoto was among the manufacturers who contributed prizes. We’re already looking forward to next year’s competition. Congrats, Joshua!

David Hobby’s Soccer at Sunset

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stscc David Hobbys Soccer at Sunset

©David Hobby at Strobist

The Wizard of Speedlights, the Prince of Off-Camera Flash, the Professor Emeritus of Guerilla Photography Education. Call him what you want. David Hobby of Strobist is still creating great resources for shooters, and shows no sign of stopping.

In his recent post on shooting outdoor portraits, Hobby gives his usual detailed explanation of not only how he goes about getting his shots, but why. In this case, he shoots Zach Johnson, soccer player, on a field in a variety of formal poses and actions shots. His explanation of how he uses the sun as a rim light alone makes this piece worth reading.

Along with the sun, Hobby relied on his Profoto AcuteB 600 in a variety of situations. Don’t miss the full post for some great examples of what you can achieve with some experimentation and the right gear in the middle of a field at the magic hour.

Brad Trent’s Digital Man

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Brad Trent ZoomSpot Brad Trents Digital Man

©Brad Trent

About two weeks ago, we launched a project called Light Shaping Tool of the Month. First out was the brand new Umbrella XL, and the article is still here, if you have not yet read it.

One who did read it was New York based photographer Brad Trent, who by a strange coincidence posted a similar blog post the very same day. However, Brad’s post highlighted another, slightly less well-known Light Shaping Tool: The Profoto ZoomSpot.

“Sure…with a little Photoshop and a lotta time you could probably manufacture an image like the one above, but wouldn’t it a lot more fun to pull out a $10,000 lighting gizmo and do it all in-camera?!!” asks Brad. He then continues to explain how he set up his shoot, complete with self-made transparencies, a trio of Profoto heads, a softbox and a bunch of other stuff.

Why not head over to Brad’s blog Damn Ugly Photography and read the entire post?

Alexia Sinclair: Layers of Interest

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20100911 RD PETER THE GREAT 209169 Alexia Sinclair: Layers of Interest

Peter the Great | ©Alexia Sinclair

Alexia Sinclair is a photographer and digital artist from Sydney, Australia. Her images consist of staggering amounts of photographic elements, illustrations and layers, carefully arranged and brushed through in Photoshop. Her biography describes the outcome of this process as “dark and seductive, baroque and symbolic,” and it is hard not to agree.

The same biography refers to Alexia’s celebrated series The Regal Twelve as her crowning achievement. The Regal Twelve portrays twelve famous, or perhaps infamous, female monarchs, each one captured in her own characteristic setting. The series generated widespread attention in fine art circles, but Alexia, who is obviously a star on the rise, is already promoting the second part of her series: The Royal Dozen. This time she is focusing on male monarchs, and the portrait of Peter the Great is taken from this series. Read More

Robert Seale and the Doolittle Raiders

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Screen shot 2011 12 06 at 10.24.26 AM Robert Seale and the Doolittle RaidersOur old friend Robert Seale is still creating great photography, but this time he has fused his art and trade with his passion for military aircraft and history.

Seale recently posted about his assignment for Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine. Back on April 18, 1942, history was made when the United States made the first formidable action against the Japanese mainland after the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Eighty volunteers took off in sixteen B-25 bombers and headed for the heart of the enemy. Although the Doolittle Raid resulted in negligible damage to the Japanese war machine, the resulting morale boost in the United States was almost incalculable.

Today, five of those eighty airmen are still alive. Seale had the pleasure of photographing three of the survivors, including flying with one of them. Among the gear he used were Profoto Pro-7b units and Profoto AcuteB 600R battery-powered strobes. This was done because many of the portraits were done “out on the taxiway, far from any sources of AC power.”

Be sure to see Seale’s blog post for more photos and the entire story. Here’s hoping we see more of these distinguished veterans captured so beautifully before it’s too late. Beautiful work, Robert!