Martin Häusler: More Is More

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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1 300x200 Martin Häusler: More Is More

©Martin Häusler

Some say less is more. And then there are those, like Martin Häusler, who turn the expression on its head and claims that more is more. But then again, Martin spends most of his time in Los Angeles, shooting larger-than-life celebrities such as Britney Spears, Bon Jovi and, as in this case, Meatloaf. With this in mind, the sweaty, gritty look that characterizes Martin’s images feels like a natural product of the environment they were shot in.

“Every time I come here and look out the plane, it feels as if I’m landing in a big trashcan,” laughs Martin. “I mean, I live in The Hills, so I have a nice place, but I work a lot down in The Valley, which is a nasty industrial area with a lot of rotten houses. There’s just so much cool stuff there. If you work with a rock band and you want that gritty look – the feel is there. It’s real atmosphere.”

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Strobist: A Few Pointers on Beauty Photography

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Strobist Strobist: A Few Pointers on Beauty Photography

Blog posts that start with the phrase “do not try this at home” tend to grab our attention. The Strobist’s latest post is no exception.

The post in question takes us behind the scenes of Paris-based photographer Ludovic Taillandier’s futuristic Tronized Beauty series. Taillandier, who apparently was eager to experiment, equipped himself with novelty laser pointers, which he boldly pointed at his model’s face. Hence the warning.

Apart from the laser pointers, Tailliandier used 3 Profoto lights, powered by 1 D4 Air generator. He also used  2 softboxes and 1 snoot to shape his light.

Recommended read. Just do not try it at home…


Richard Ström: At the Speed of Light

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Strom1 580x386 Richard Ström: At the Speed of Light

©Richard Ström

Richard Ström has been a professional photographer for about ten years. He takes all kinds of pictures, but it is clearly surf pictures that really get him going.

“It’s hard to explain why,” says Richard. “I just love it.”

Richard was once a surfer himself but as time passed, he found himself spending less time in the water and more and more time behind the camera. Yet his competitive spirit and the urge to push things further are as strong as ever.

“I read a lot of magazines and take inspiration from other photographers. I look at what they’ve done, and then I try to do it better,” says Richard with determination. Read More

VIDEO: Tobias Björkgren’s Grand Central Fashion Shoot

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Tobias Bjorkgren 560x4001 VIDEO: Tobias Björkgrens Grand Central Fashion Shoot

©Tobias Björkgren

Swedish photographer Tobias Björkgren just presented his very first behind-the-scenes video on his website.  The video was shot at hotel Scandic Grand Central in Stockholm, where Tobias did his most recent fashion shoot.

Tobias, who came quite well-prepareed the shoot, brought along a Phase One 645DF camera, an IQ180 digital back, a Profoto Pro-B3 AirS, a Profoto AcuteB2 AirS, a Cine Reflector, a Softlight Reflector (Beauty Dish) and a HR Softbox 7′ Octa RF, amongst other things. Read More