Aorta: Follow Your Heart and Trust Your Gut Feeling

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125 Magazine | ©Aorta

125 Magazine | ©Aorta

Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän are two Swedish photographers, operating under the somewhat cryptic name of Aorta. The two met at photography school, where they soon came to realize that they shared the same vision and were working toward the same goal. They also shared the notion that the life of a freelance photographer appeared somewhat lonely. Hence, they decided to form a team. And Aorta was born.

“The actual name Aorta just happened,” says Marco. “I guess we felt that Krän & Grizelj sounded too much like a law firm.”

What do the two of you have in common?

“Hard to say. Well, there is actually one thing we do have in common: none of us is very talkative. Nor do we like to over-analyze stuff. I guess we both believe that you’ll kill the joy of photography if you think too much about it. We’d rather just trust our gut feeling.”

Can you tell us a little about the images in this article?

“The first images were done for 125 Magazine. It’s a fashion and arts magazine. It’s pretty thick and there is almost no advertising in it. They give you a certain theme, but other than that, you’re pretty much free to do whatever it is you want to do. In this case, the theme was ‘art.’ Kristian and I brainstormed for a while and came up with this idea of an alien that travels to earth, determined to have a deep and profound art experience. So, he goes to an art museum, he visits the Museum of Natural History, he approaches some cows in a pasture and so on. Nothing happens. But then he experiences the sunrise and things get a little better…” Read More

VIDEO: Jeremy Cowart’s Mobile Set Up

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This is the fourth Master Series video featuring Jeremy Cowart. In the first video, Jeremy took us behind the scenes of his portrait of singer/songwriter Imogen Heap, the second video focused on his humanitarian projects, and the the third video featured Jeremy talking about his favorite Light Shaping Tools: the Beuaty Dish, the Softbox 2×3′ RF and the Zoom Reflector with a grid.

In this video, Jeremy talks about his trusty kit that he brings with him to every single shoot.

“It all fits in a little bag, it goes overhead in an airplane, and to this day I’m amazed that I can get on a plane with the whole Profoto kit with me,” says Jeremy. “It’s pretty amazing.”

Just click that play button to learn what the kit contains…

Photokina Booth Images Selection Two

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Photokina booth images, selection two: Michael Muller & Michel Korta

Photokina booth images, selection two: Michael Muller & Michel Korta

On May 22, we asked you to submit images that we can show in our booth at this year’s Photokina trade fair. The response was better than we ever could have hoped for. We got way more images than we can show and we consequently had to choose just a few. The final selection consists of images from previous blog participants as well as images from you, our readers.

We will present these images continuously here on our blog, right up until Photokina begins. Stay tuned. And to all those who shared their work with us – thank you! It is truly inspiring to see the stuff you create with the help of our gear.

These two images were shot by American photographer Michael Muller and Polish photographer Michal Korta. Read More

VIDEO: Profoto Continuous Light

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We recently produced a video that explains the concept behind and the features of our continuous light units. The video is admittedly more in the style of  a commercial, but if you feel like getting a quick recap of what continuous lights Profoto has offer and what Light Shaping Tools are available with these, you should definitely check it out.

We have also launched a new at our website, dedicated to this subject. It is here, in case there are more question marks that need to be straightened out.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

How to Control Power

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Are monolights your bread and butter? Sohail Mamdani has a helpful post on the BorrowLenses blog covering how to control power on a Profoto pack.

Mamdani admits after getting used to monolights, he found the idea of a pack a bit daunting. What? You can control three lights at once? In response, he put together this guide to illustrate the basics of working with a Profoto Acute2R 2400 pack. It will have you shooting with confidence.

Using a Sekonic light meter mounted on a light stand, Sohail visually demonstrates how to alter the output of the pack from full power at 2400ws down to 75ws, a much greater degree of variability than the typical monolight.

Read the full guide and stay tuned to the BorrowLenses blog for part two of this series, which promises to take you through controlling light for multiple heads on one pack.