TODAY in SF! Robert Seale at Photoshop & You Experience

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We’ve covered the beautiful and innovative portrait work of Profoto shooter Robert Seale before. His work is innovative, beautifully framed, and often composed the way a portrait painter would.

If you’re in the San Francisco area today, Seale will be speaking and showing his work at 5pm today at the Adobe “Pop-Up Store” Photoshop and You Experience in San Francisco.

Skyscraper Heels Seale TODAY in SF! Robert Seale at Photoshop & You Experience

If you’re unable to attend, check out Seale’s site or blog to see more of his work.

David Dvir’s Rube Goldberg Moment

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Well, make that more than a moment. Make it four minutes, 13 seconds, to be almost exact. Photographer David Dvir of 2D Photography had a group of memory cards on his desk. He set a few up like dominoes. It was from this random act a project was born when one card knocked down another and another, which reminded him of Rube Goldberg. What would happen if he built a Rube Goldberg device using photographic equipment? Six months of building and testing, and the results are here.

Can you spot the Profoto gear?

Here’s Dvir explaining the origin of the idea, and what it took to bring this vision to reality.

Check out Dvir’s blog post on the project to get more details.

Kickstart the Human Light Suit

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Eric Schwabel went to Burning Man last year. Taking place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, the high desert is full of harsh conditions. Alkaline covering the ground powders when stepped on, and is highly corrosive. Weather changes quickly. There is no electricity, no cellular phone coverage, and Internet access only happens via satellite dish. It was under these conditions Schwabel decided to create portraits flash-lit against the desert’s breathtaking skies. Attendees of the iconic festival typically turn themselves into creatures lurking somewhere deep inside themselves. They wear bizarre costumes or nothing at all, and stroll the various encampments, all the while battling the never-ceasing dust in the air.

SCHWABEL bm2010 L 001155 Kickstart the Human Light Suit

©Eric Schwabel

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Claes Axstål Challenges the Sun

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AFP SWCG 1868 by CAX Claes Axstål Challenges the Sun

©Claes Axstål

Claes Axstål regularly does something most photographers haven’t thought of, let alone tried. Axstål and his team can typically be found in the air, manning a ton of gear, and — quite literally — lighting and photographing another plane or helicopter as it flies near the one they’re working in.

What makes Axstål different from any other photographer taking air-to-air shots of other aircraft? It’s the fact Axstål and crew are using artificial light to overpower the sun, just as most off-camera flash shooters do at a wedding or on a beach-at-sunset fashion shoot. Yes, that’s right. Flash photography at several thousand feet in altitude while traveling several hundred miles per hour. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the objects Axstål photographs are often a few hundred feet long, from airliners to luxury yachts, the latter of which he also photographs from planes.

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