VIDEO: Still Life Becomes Alive

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This video was not filmed. It has, instead, been composed from 150 still photographs. The photographs have not been retouched and only basic video editing has been done.

All this was done by La Toute Petite Agence, using a single Profoto D4 Air. La Toute Petite Agence is a Parisian studio devoted to shooting luxury products from such brands as Cartier, Valentino and Boucheron. It is obviously an exclusive and prestigious market, but La Toute Petite Agence has managed to remain at the forefront for well over 15 years now – much thanks to 360° shoots such as this. Needless to say, 360° shoots require greats skills as well as extreme consistency in power output and color stability – especially when you are shooting shiny details such as silver, gold and diamonds. In a video such as this, a 1/10 f-stop variation would be enough to ruin the result. But as you can see, La Toute Petite Agence pulled it of nicely.

Oh, and if you for some reason would like to know how much that watch is, we can only tell you this much: you can not afford it. Trust us.

See more of La Toute Petite Agence’s glamorous work at their website.

Alex Hajdu & the Harley Davidson Man

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cameraroll 1330005418.614397 580x3261 Alex Hajdu & the Harley Davidson Man

Harley Davidson no°1 | ©Alex Hajdu

We have said it before, but it bears repeating once again – we love if when you share your work with us. So, if you have created something with our gear that you are a little extra proud of, feel free to use the contact formulary and show us.

This is how we came across the beautiful images that Slovak photographer Alex Hajdu created for a Harley Davidson campaign. Alex was also kind enough to include a couple of lighting diagrams and a short text describing the shoot. Here is what he wrote:

“As you will see, the lighting set up for this project was really simple. In fact, I’m not a fan of complicated set ups. Apart from ambient light, I used 1 Pro-7b generator and 2 Pro-B heads. One head was equipped with 1 Softbox 2×3′ Octa, the other with a Zoom Reflector. I also had a white poly. Because I wanted to feel the flash in the pictures and get a darkened sky and background, I rated the camera to ISO 100, f4, 1/500.”

Read More

VIDEO: Sasha Leahovcenco’s Burning Drummer

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Moldova-born photographer Sasha Leahovcenco has posted a behind-the-scenes video from his shoot with well-established drummer Mike Johnston.

Here is how Sasha himself describes the shoot:

“Mike recently switch from DW drums to Gretsch, and wanted to do a different type of photo shoot. So I had an idea to add some real fire into the shoot, and good thing Mike liked it and wasn’t afraid to set his drum set on fire.

“For this shoot I used the Acute 2400. I had 5? Octa as a main light, and some wash LED light and Profoto Acute/D4 head right behind Mike’s back. I used cyber-syncs, and this time I shot with canon 5D mark II and 35 1.4″ Read More

The Many Faces of Juan Luis Garcia

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Face Value Juan Luis Garcia Poster 400x400 The Many Faces of Juan Luis Garcia

Face Value | ©Juan Luis Garcia

What do we see when we look in the mirror? Los Angeles-based photographer Juan Luis Garcia asked himself that very question. After giving it some thought, the question evolved into an idea, and the idea grew into a project.

“I photograph people looking at themselves through a two-way mirror. I then flip the image horizontally to show their reflection so that we get to see what the subject saw when they were looking into the mirror. It’s amazing how unique our reflections are compared to how others see our faces. The question then becomes, what do these people see when they stare into their own eyes?” Read More

VIDEO: Audrey Janssens Sings Band of Horses

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Today it is Friday, and to end the week nicely, we thought we would share a music video that Belgian fine art and portrait photographer Edouard Janssens recommended to us. The video features his daughter Audrey, singing a Band of Horses cover. It was filmed by her brother John Janssens, who used a ProTungsten unit, a Giant Reflector 150 and a diffuser  to create the tangible softness in the images.

A very simple yet effective set up. Great cover too.