A Photographer’s Tips for How to Market Yourself to Potential Clients

Written by Drew Gurian on . Posted in Instruction

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drew gurian market yourself DG16510 600x399 A Photographers Tips for How to Market Yourself to Potential Clients

Drew Gurian is a young, up-and-coming portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Each month, he’ll share a story from his journey through one of the busiest photo markets in the world – New York City. This month he will share some tips for how to market yourself as photographer to potential clients.

It’s far too easy in the current marketplace to get wrapped up in gear talk 24/7. We’re constantly inundated with the latest and greatest, and we seldomly spend any time discussing the business side of photography. As much inspiration as I find in this and other blogs across the web, I want to change things up for a moment and share a general overview of how I’ve been working to market myself in the New York City photo market.

Though there’s several different tools we can use for marketing our work, my current marketing plan includes the following elements (each of which could be it’s own post here):

  1. Email blasts
  2. Printed promotional materials
  3. Print portfolio

I will now go a bit more into detail how I work with each of these elements.

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Brad Trent’s Completely Different Meeting With John Cleese

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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Brad Trent 1525 Brad Trents Completely Different Meeting With John Cleese

© Brad Trent

Brad Trent, proud owner of Damn Ugly Photography, has since the age of 25 worked with some of the largest newspapers and companies in the world. He has also had the good fortune to shoot some famous faces over the years. Latest in line: Mr. John Cleese for The Wallstreet Journal

In a recently published article on his blog, Brad shares the story of how he met the comedy icon at a midtown hotel in New York to shoot some portraits in a room no larger than your average walk-in closet.

Brad wanted a close-up portrait that would capture Mr Cleese’s wide range of expressions. He added a Softlight Reflector White, a large softbox for fill and a small strip light on the background for separation. The setup was apparently quick and easy, and Mr Python was soon free to show off his many face expressions.

“I began calling out various characters of his and sketches he was known for, and he immediately knew where to take it,” Brad writes.

Head over to Brad’s blog Damn Ugly Photography  for the full story (and the full range of facial expressions).

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How Mark Seliger Lights His Portraits

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We recently had the privilege of meeting one of the true masters of portrait photography – Mark Seliger. This resulted in five new videos, in which Seliger shares his thoughts on lighting and portrait photography. 

You will find all the videos at our dedicated Mark Seliger page. There is also an opportunity to win a signed copy of one of Seliger’s much loved photo books on the page.

In our second video, Mark Seliger shares some tips and tricks on how he lights his portraits.

“The light is built in order to follow the subject.”, says Seliger. In the first image that they shot, they used a Softbox RFi 5′ Octa, a Pro Head and a Pro-8 and placed it to the left of Lenny Kravitz. “What’s nice about the Pro-8 is that you have the ability to make small, incremental changes within the lighting”, says Seliger.

For the image seen below, Mark used his favorite Profoto tool, the ProRing Plus. For more details of Mark’s lighting setup, make sure to watch the video.

You can also watch all videos and sign up for a chance to win a Seliger photo book here. Read More