Walk Through A Wedding, Part 3: The Bride Getting Ready

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Walk Through a Wedding is a yearlong video series in which we get to follow wedding photographers Justin & Mary Marantz as they set out to capture a young couple’s most special day.

The series consists of 20 videos, each one revealing the story and the lighting setup behind a certain image. This is the third video, showing Justin & Mary shooting the bridesmaid and the bride getting ready.

It is a fairly difficult shot to pull off. The lighting conditions in the hotel room are far from ideal and there is a lot of things happening quickly. But Justin and Mary solved this using a single B1 off-camera flash and an Umbrella Shallow White M.

“This allows us to cover a large area with light, but also maintain a directional nature to it,” says Justin.

“We don’t like to direct them too much or pose them,” adds Mary in regards to their subjects. “We just keep telling them to face the light in a general, and we let that moment unfold naturally.”

The final shot plus a couple of behind-the-scenes images from the shoot can be found below. The first two Walk Through a Wedding videos can be found here if you have not seen them already.

The next video will be released April 21. Stay tuned. Read More

Spice Up Your Lighting with the WideZoom Reflector

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Andrea Belluso is an experienced photographer with more than three decades in the business. Once a month, Andrea takes us behind the scenes of a recent shoot to share some of the knowledge he has gained over the years. This time he shows us how to use the WideZoom Reflector in a creative, out-of-the-box way.

I was recently approached by the staff at Klassik Magazine asking me to do a fashion story based on the official trend forecast for 2015 stating that India will be a great source of inspiration. I gave the brief some thought and realized that I wanted to shoot different kinds of images but with a consistent look and feel – as one normally does in an editorial fashion story. I also knew I wanted a hard light with a lot of contrast and dramatic shadows.

There are a number of Profoto hard reflectors that can do this. But for this particular shoot I chose the WideZoom Reflector. The WideZoom Reflector creates a wider, more even light than any other Profoto hard reflector. For this reason I often use it as a background light. But on this shoot I decided to use it in a non-traditional way. I used it as a sidelight. This allowed me to create the heavy shadows I needed, while at the same time spilling some nice light onto the background. Also, using the same Light Shaping Tool in different ways for different shots would help me achieve the consistent look and feel I was going for. Read More

Hey, Did You Know We Just Got on Instagram?

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Profoto Instagram 2 Hey, Did You Know We Just Got on Instagram?

Well, we did. You’ll find us at @profotoglobal or here. Would be great if you’d join us!

While we’re at it, we can also mention that we just took our first shaky steps into the bewildering world of Google+. The jury is still out on that one, but we’re leaning towards liking it. Plus-ing it, that is. Anyway, you’ll find us here.

Needless to say, we’re still on Facebook and Twitter.

Zhang Jingna Walks Us Through a Commercial Photo Shoot, from Request to Postproduction

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Zhang Jingna Kwak Ji Young Phuong My FW13 Flowers in December1 600x399 Zhang Jingna Walks Us Through a Commercial Photo Shoot, from Request to Postproduction

Have you ever wondered how a commercial photo shoot is done? Well, wonder no more. Today, photographer Zhang Jingna will walk us through the entire process, from request to postproduction. Here is how it works, in Jingna’s own words:

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how a commercial photo shoot is done. In this post I’ll be doing a little walkthrough of the steps involved in one of my typical productions, from pre-shoot to final product. Whether you’re an upcoming photographer or just a hobbyist, I hope it sheds some light on the behind-the-scenes and you will find it an interesting read.

Before I start, I should also mention that typically for major clients, there is usually a large team of people working on a campaign. In those instances an executive producer will handle everything related to preparing the shoot, and thus often, all that’s needed of the photographer is to prepare his treatment (more on that in a bit), show up, and shoot.

However, for many other jobs, it’s becoming increasingly popular these days for the photographer to quote and execute the full-scale production of the photoshoot themselves. This post will cover a project’s process on this scale. Read More

Did You Know That You Can Browse Published Profoto Reviews at Our Website?

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Profoto reviews 1 Did You Know That You Can Browse Published Profoto Reviews at Our Website?

This is the Profoto Blog where we keep telling you that Profoto flashes and Profoto Light Shaping Tools are the bomb. We honestly believe that. But we don’t blame you if you don’t want to take our word for it. It is, after all, the Profoto Blog…

The thing is, you don’t have to take our word for it. Other people are writing about our gear too. We’ve compiled some of these independent Profoto reviews at our website.

Click here if you want to read what other people are saying about us.

Also, if you’ve posted a review of any of our products, leave a comment below and we’ll check it out. We always value feedback, good or bad.