How to Adjust Ambient Light to Work in Your Favour

Written by Drew Gurian on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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20140723 Ethan Leinwand 0059 2 600x400 How to Adjust Ambient Light to Work in Your Favour

©Drew Gurian

Drew Gurian is a young, up-and-coming portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Each month, he’ll be bringing you a behind the scene perspective, navigating the freelance marketplace of one of the busiest photo markets in the world – New York City. This is the second part of his story, in which he shares some advice on how to adjust ambient light to work in your favour.

Although I grew up just outside of the city in northern New Jersey, until January, I had never actually lived in the city.  Sure, I’ve spent tons of time here over the years, but I really enjoy being able to consider myself a New Yorker for the first time in my life.

I moved here for a few reasons.  It’s one of the largest markets in the world, which means that there’s always room to grow and evolve as a photographer.  I’m surrounded by tons of other creatives who inspire me, and I’m now right in the middle of this thriving community.  Being here also enables me to be around these friends more, meet tons of new people, and sooner or later, it will lead to new work.

Part of being in the midst of this very social scene includes finding a great local bar. Back in January, I was introduced to The Manhattan Inn, which has quickly become one of my favorite bar/restaurants.  Several nights a week, they have someone playing piano in the back room, and I absolutely love the atmosphere.

One performer in particular, Ethan Leinwand, used to play there every Friday and Saturday night.  His self-described style as a preservationist/blues/boogie-woogie player was the perfect fit for this place, and I went to see him play anytime I was in the city on a weekend.  His vintage look was seamless with the music he played, and I knew I needed to photograph him.

We exchanged cards, and after a few months or trying to align schedules, we finally made it happen a couple of weeks back.

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Walk Through a Wedding, Part 13: Shooting the Wedding Dance

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Wedding Photography

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Walk Through a Wedding is a yearlong video series on wedding photography, in which we follow Justin & Mary Marantz as they set out to capture a young couple’s most special day.

The series consists of 20 videos. Each video reveals the story and the lighting setup behind a certain image. In the thirteenth episode, Justin & Mary talk about how they capture the lucky couple’s dance.

“We said: what if we could get images from the guests perspective, as if the photographer wasn’t even there that day, but also, at the same time, get images that those guest could never get,” says Mary.

So how do they do that? Well, the short answer is that they put a powerful flash in off to the side of the room and a diffuser, so that they get a soft and even light spread that blends nicely with the ambient light.

Click play to dive a bit more into the details.

Previous episodes of Walk Through a Wedding can be found here. The next video will be released on September 15.

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Meet Andrew Bydlon, the Winner of Our Air Remote TTL-N Contest!

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Profoto Blog Andrew Bydlon Air Remote TTL N 1 600x450 Meet Andrew Bydlon, the Winner of Our Air Remote TTL N Contest!

©Andrew Bydlon

Meet Andrew Bydlon – American, Caveman Collective member and action/wildlife photographer. He is also the winner of our B1 + Air Remote TTL-N contest. 

Remember this? If not, here is what we did: we asked you to pitch an inspiring idea for a shoot with the Profoto B1 off-camera flash and the brand new, not yet released Air Remote TTL-N for Nikon. We promised that the photographer with the most inspiring idea would get the tools he or she needed to realise their idea.

We got almost 1.oo0 pitches. Many of them were crazy cool. But the idea we kept thinking about was Andrew Bydlon’s.

We’ll wait a while with telling you what Andrew’s idea is. Let’s just say it involves vertigo, the highline at Longs Peak mountain, Colorado, and that a B1 and an Air Remote TTL-N are on their way to Andrew.

Stay tuned for the outcome of his shoot. And a round of applause for Andrew!

Here Are Some of the Self-portraits You Guys Have Shared with Us!

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Yesterday, we published a short film by Ian Ruther, titled The Making of a Celebrity Portrait. If you haven’t seen it, you most definitely should.

If you already have, you know that the video ends with Ian encouraging you to share a self-portrait on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcelebrity

Below are some of the self-portraits that you guys have shared so far. The feed is continuously and automatically updated, so if you want to be part of it, take a self-portrait and hashtag i #iamthecelebrity

Ian will be looking at and commenting on the images all month. So this is your chance for some proper feedback from a creative soul with a sharp eye.


Ian Ruhter’s Most Challenging Portrait Ever: The Celebrity Portrait

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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Some shoots are just shoots. Others are an experience you walk away from knowing something you did not know before. Ian Ruhter‘s celebrity portrait shoot definitely belongs in the latter category.

Today, we have something special for you. Wet plates maestro Ian Ruhter has released a new video. It’s called The Making of a Celebrity Portrait, and it’s quite unlike any other video on portrait photography we’ve ever seen.

“Based on who this person is I knew I would scrutinize this image far more than any other portrait that I had ever made,” writes Ian about the project. “During this project The Making of a Celebrity Portrait, it redefined how I view celebrities. It made me question if celebrity culture influenced us so greatly that we want to be portrayed like them. In a world that revolves around social networking and selfies I started wondering what these images really say about us.

Ian also encourages viewers to engage in the project by sharing a portrait of themselves:

“NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! I’m asking you to include a photograph of yourself for this project. The idea is to collect many images so we can create one picture of who we really are. Hashtag a portrait of you with #iamthecelebrity on Instagram! All month long we’ll be cataloguing and commenting on these images. Once this is done we’ll create the final project! Stay tuned for updates by following me and Profoto.”

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