How Fashion Photographer Rossella Vanon Created Her Smoking Hot Portrait

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Rossella Vanon Fashion Photographer Smoking Hot Portrait 2 600x400 How Fashion Photographer Rossella Vanon Created Her Smoking Hot Portrait

©Rossella Vanon

Fashion photographer Rossella Vanon has created a smoking hot, eye-catching portrait. Want to learn how she did it? 

Ask a bunch of established photographers for advice, and many of them will tell you to spend more time on your personal projects. Letting your creativity run free is a great way to remind yourself why you fell in love with photography in the first place. More importantly, you might just come up with some clever ideas that you can apply to your commercial work.

London-based fashion photographer Rossella Vanon’s smoking hot portrait is a clear evidence of that. This particular personal project started when an American model friend who was visiting London and wanted to update her portfolio contacted Rossella. By coincidence, an Australian makeup artist contacted her at the same with the same inquiry. So the three decided to get together and do something out of the ordinary. Read More

The Question that Got Portrait Photographer Rémi Chapeaublanc to Get on a Motorbike and Drive to Mongolia

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French portrait photographer Rémi Chapeaublanc travelled all the way from Paris to Mongolia, driven by the desire to find the answer to a deceptively simple question: “who is this person standing in front of me?”

“I often end up doing projects which are kind of crazy,” says portrait photographer Rémi Chapeaublanc. And he is not exaggerating. After having his motorcycle license for just two weeks, he packed his camera, an AcuteB2 battery pack, an Air Sync and an RFi soft box, and started driving towards Mongolia.

After he had reached his destination and spent some time with the Mongolian people, an idea started to form in his head. He was going to take their portraits, one by one, with the same process and the same setup. The idea was that by keeping it simple, he would be able to focus on the person in front of the camera, see beyond the surface and ask himself: “who is this person?”

An inspiring ambition and a great testament to the power of portrait photography.

See more of Rémi’s work at his website.


Portrait photographer Remi Chapeaublanc gods and beasts 1 600x399 The Question that Got Portrait Photographer Rémi Chapeaublanc to Get on a Motorbike and Drive to Mongolia

©Rémi Chapeaublanc

Our Webinar on Dramatic Night Portraits Was Recorded and Is Now Available as a Video

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On June 18, Profoto and photographer Jared Platt did a live webinar on how to shoot dramatic night portraits. Did you miss it? No worries. The webinar was recorded and is now available as a video.

Profoto hosts free webinars once a month. The next webinar will take place on August 27 at 7PM CET (August 27 at 10AM Los Angeles, 1PM New York, 6PM London, 7PM Paris // August 28 at 1AM Beijing, 2AM Tokyo, 3AM Sydney).

 Click here to sign up for the next one and we’ll send you a friendly reminder when it’s about to start.

For more information about the B1 Location Kit and the other Light Shaping Tools Jared is using in this video, please click here.

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How to Build Up a Dramatic Night Portrait in 5 Simple Steps

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Today, Profoto and photographer Jared Platt will host a free webinar on how to take dramatic night portraits. To get you in the mood, Jared has written a post on the topic. Enjoy!

I am a documentary wedding and portrait photographer mostly, so a lot of the work I do requires me to shoot a lot of images very quickly.  Commercial work and editorial portraits allow me to slow down and focus on getting one shot.  It is a wonderful change of pace from weddings, almost like a little holiday…

For today’s webinar, we shot a series of portraits with one overarching rule: we could only use the two lights that come in the new Profoto B1 Location Kit.  But we wanted to further challenge ourselves by photographing at night.  The photo here is one of the many shots we acheived with piano rockstar Kevin Burdick.  Unlike the other images we made in the city, this shot was shot on a very dark soccer field out in suburbia farmland.  To get our intended shot, we had to “build” the shot out in stages.  Here’s how we did it.

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Walk Through a Wedding, Part 8: Shooting Family Portraits Quickly

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Walk Through a Wedding is a yearlong video series in which we get to follow wedding photographers Justin & Mary Marantz as they set out to capture a young couple’s most special day.

The series consists of 20 videos. Each video reveals the story and the lighting setup behind a certain image. This episode should be of interest not just to wedding photographers, but to any photographer looking into shooting family portraits quickly.

“The lights we’re using for the family portrait is a B1 head with an Umbrella Deep XL White,” says Justin. “XL Umbrellas are perfect for this occasion, because they cover everything from a couple together, all the way to a wide group picture with a beautiful throw of light that is really soft.”

Previous episodes of Walk Through a Wedding can be found here.

The next video will be released on July 7. Read More