Portraits of People’s Faces When Hit With A Stun Gun

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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Portrait photographer Patrick Hall wanted to capture real emotions in real people. So he held a camera to their face and hit them with 300.000 volts of electricity. The result? Some stunning (haaa…) portraits and one of the most talked about videos this week!

“As a portrait photographer, you’re always trying to get something real,” says Patrick Hall. “And what’s interesting about this photo shoot is that there is no way you can fake your emotion or your expression when you’re getting hit with 300.000 volts of electricity.

Well, we can’t argue with that, Patrick…

The video, posted by the good people at Fstoppers, spread like wildfire. Of course, watching the video, we couldn’t help but notice what tools Patrick was using – three Profoto D1 1.000 Ws moonlights, two HR Softboxes and a classic Zoom Reflector.

Those of you who want to get into the nitty gritty details about Patrick’s setup and solution should defintiely check out his thorough behind-the-scenes video, which you will find below.

You should also head over to Fstoppers for the full story and more final shots.

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BJP’s Profoto B1 500 Review: “A Compelling Package”

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BJP Profoto B1 review 940x626 1 600x399 BJPs Profoto B1 500 Review: A Compelling Package

©Martin Evening

The British Journal of Photography (BJP) was first published in 1854. That makes the magazine 160 years old. One-hundred-and-sixty. How cool is that?

Almost as cool is the fact that BJP’s most recent review is a thorough examination of the Profoto B1 off-camera flash – or the B1 Location Kit, to be precise.

The review, done and written by photographer Martin Evening, is, in the magazine’s fashion, detailed and sober. But also positive.

The review’s final verdict of the kit is:

“At €2950, the Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash kit isn’t cheap, and you still need to factor in the cost of the Air Remote TTL unit plus stands and lighting accessories. But for the sheer convenience and automated control you get working with the Profoto B1 lights, it’s a compelling package.

Read the full review here.

Drew Gurian’s 5 Minute portrait with Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons

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20140510 Ted Dwane 0086 2 copy 600x400 Drew Gurians 5 Minute portrait with Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons

©Drew Gurian

Drew Gurian is a young, up-and-coming portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Each month, he’ll be bringing you a behind the scene perspective, navigating the freelance marketplace of one of the busiest photo markets in the world – New York City. This is the first part of his story.

When working with a notable personality in front of the camera, your time as a photographer is generally very limited. The bigger they are, the less time you get, and five minutes (or less) is what you can expect to have in this type of situation.

Of course, the idea is to hopefully get to the location or studio with more than enough time to set up, so that when the talent arrives, you can do when you need to do, and get them on their way.

My current record for a portrait sitting was with the rock band, Primus, who I shot last summer at a backstage portrait studio I had set up right outside of their RV. They walked out of the RV, onto my set, and then directly to the main stage to headline the festival.  I shot them in 18 seconds.

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How to Build Up a Complex Lighting Setup Indoors

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0004 Jared Platt for Profoto 600x400 How to Build Up a Complex Lighting Setup Indoors

©Jared Platt

On August 27, Profoto and photographer Jared Platt will host a free webinar on how to build up a complex lighting setup indoors . To get you in the mood for the webinar, Jared has written an article on the topic. Enjoy!

In the past few blog posts, I have discussed lighting outdoors, on location. Each time I arrive in a location, I am imediately looking for the existing light to set the mood of the shot, which means I am always scouting out the best locations and choosing the optimal time for the perfect direction and quality of light. While the process changes a bit on an indoor shoot (where I am manufacturing all of the light), the basic concepts don’t change all that much.

In our next webinar, we will discuss a shoot that occurred in a boxing ring in a hip old warehouse/gym/bar in Phoenix, Az, called The Duce. We chose this location for the shoot because it would require us to manufacture the light for the entire scene. While this required more lights and more set up, the principles of lighting the scene are no different than if we we’re outside. Instead of arriving on location and looking for the existing light, I arrived on location to a poorly lit warehouse and imagined the existing light in my mind and then reproduced it with one B1 off-camera flash and the appropriate Light Shaping Tools.

This first light sets the mood for the photograph, just like the sun’s existing light sets the mood and lighting direction on an outdoor shoot, only now we completely control our “sun.” Once the mood is set by our first light, we begin to build in the other lights one at a time to achieve the final finished image.

On this shoot, we are using four Profoto B1 off-camera flashes in manual mode.

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Joe McNally Field Tests the New Profoto Air Remote TTL-N for Nikon

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Profoto Joe McNally Air Remote TTL N JM15676 600x399 Joe McNally Field Tests the New Profoto Air Remote TTL N for Nikon

Joe McNally loves his Nikon. But he also loves taking control of and shaping the light in front of his camera.    

In a recently published story on his blog, Joe writes about his experiences with his newest tools for shaping light: the Profoto B1 off-camera flash and the new Air Remote TTL-N, allowing Nikon shooters to do TTL with the Profoto B1.

Joe, evidently impressed by his new tools, concludes his test saying:

“There’s lots of experimenting to do with these and the possibilities for the future are pretty endless. But, across the board, these units rock. Battery life is excellent. The design of both the flash and the remote is simple and straightforward. The TTL response was predictable, and controllable. I had control of all three zones, and they all responded to commands. This is exciting stuff, and there is definitely more tk here…….”

Click here for the full story.

Thanks for the kind words, Joe! You made our day.