The Profoto B1 Can Now Perform TTL Metering with Canon EOS-1D X

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The Profoto B1 Can Now Perform TTL Metering With Canon EOS 1D X 3 600x423 The Profoto B1 Can Now Perform TTL Metering with Canon EOS 1D X

Today, we are happy to introduce the first firmware upgrade for the B1 off-camera flash and the AirTTL system, enabling TTL metering with Canon EOS-1D X.

Ever since its release in November last year, the B1 has been able to perform TTL metering with the majority of Canon cameras. But there was one exception – Canon’s flagship – the EOS-1D X. Today, this feature is made available free of charge through an easily installed firmware upgrade.

Note that it is not the B1 off-camera flash itself that needs to be upgraded; it is the small radio transmitter that is mounted on the Canon camera’s hot shoe: the Air Remote TTL-C. The upgrade can be downloaded free of charge at our user portal My Profoto.

The process is as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with an existing My Profoto account or create a new one. If you create a new one, you’ll have to click the activation link in the email we send you after creating your account.
  3. Once you’ve logged in to My Profoto, register your B1 and your Air Remote TTL-C. Having your product registered is also a great help if your product is lost or stolen!
  4. Once your products are registered, click “Upgrade Product”.
  5. Choose the Air Remote TTL-C and enter its serial number, which can be found in the remote’s battery compartment. This is necessary to verify that your specific remote is compatible with this particular upgrade.
  6. The download buttons will be activated as soon as a correct serial number has been provided. When they’re active, click either “Download Upgrade for MAC” or “Download Upgrade for PC”.
  7. Open the downloaded software and follow the simple instructions.

Anyone can create a My Profoto account and register whatever Profoto products they have. As mentioned before, it can be a great help if a product is lost or stolen. But the only firmware upgrade available at the moment is the one for the AirRemote TTL-C.

We’d also like to remind you that this is the first of many planned upgrades for the B1 off-camera flash and the AirTTL system. We’re currently working on the firmware upgrade for high-speed sync (HSS). We’re also busy developing the new Air Remote TTL-N that will enable TTL metering with Nikon cameras. As promised, both the HSS upgrade and the Air Remote TTL-N will be released in 2014. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Last but not least, if there is any confusion around this, leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to reply.

Shooting a 52 Kilo Koran and 3000 Year Old Sumarian Tablets with the Profoto D1

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John Rylands Library in Manchester is not your everyday library. For one thing, it’s old. Opened to the public on January 1, 1900, the library celebrated it hundredth birthday more than fourteen years ago. But when it comes to age, the building can hardly compete with the stuff that’s in it.

Housing a priceless 52 kilo koran, ancient Egyptian papyrus fragments and 3000 year old Sumarian clay tablets to name just a few examples, John Rylands is not so much a library as a giant treasure chest of historic documents and artifacts.

Moving into the 21st century,  the library has undergone the ambitious task of digitizing all these priceless objects. Photographing objects such as these obviously requires the highest possible resolution and the most consistent color temperature available. To achieve this, the photographers at John Rylands rely on the Phase One 645 DF body, the Phase One iXR body, the IQ180 digital back and the Profoto D1 monolight. The flashes are synced with an Air Sync unit.

The video was shot by our good friends at Phase One, so there is obviously a lot camera tech in it. But keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll get a few pointers on the lighting as well. Read More

Heartwarming Interview with Ian Ruhter, the Master of Wet Plate Photography

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ian ruhter wet plate colodion 14 1024x862 Heartwarming Interview with Ian Ruhter, the Master of Wet Plate Photography

©Ian Ruhter

Long-term readers of our blog are well-aware that we are huge fans of Ian Ruhter’s work. Evidently, so is the good people at Steez Magazine who just posted an interview with Ian. It’s good. You should read it. 

Being a snow and skate culture magazine, there is admittedly not a lot about lighting in the article. But there is, on the other hand, quite a lot about the photographer’s creative process and the craft of wet plate photography. Click here to to read the full article.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to once again highlight a few of our favorite Ian Ruhter videos: MadisonAmerican DreamWhen Death Do Us Part and When Dream Collide. Every single one of them is worth watching more than once.

Recorded Webinar on High-key and Low-key Lighting

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Last Wednesday we did a live webinar with Mark Wallace on high-key and low-key lighting. Did you miss it? No worries. The webinar was recorded and is now available as a video.

As mentioned when the webinar was accounced, high-key lighting is great for getting a fresh, fun and upbeat feel to an image. Low-key lighting, on other hand, is great for creating drama and for accentuating the contours of your subject. Knowing your way around these two lighting styles is fundamental for any photographer wanting to create different images with many different feels to them. And that you will after watching this video!

Our next webinar will be held on April 23. Click the link below to sign up, and we’ll send you a friendly reminder when it is about to start.


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