Profoto at Photokina: The Pro-B4 wins the Photokina Star Award!

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The Photokina Star Award honors products and innovations that stand our for their innovative nature and trendsetting technologies. Today, that award was given to our new battery generator: the Pro-B4.

The Pro-B4 is the fastest battery generator ever made available to the public. It can freeze motion at 1/25.000 of a second, fire up to 30 flashes per second and recharge in just 45 minutes. The Pro-B4 can do more than that, but it was these features that it was rewarded for.

This video highlights the above-mentioned features of the Pro-B4. You will also find some images from the award ceremony below.

DSC6792 Profoto at Photokina: The Pro B4 wins the Photokina Star Award!

The Profoto team

DSC6799 Profoto at Photokina: The Pro B4 wins the Photokina Star Award!

Reiner (from Profoto Germany) collects the award

DSC6804 Profoto at Photokina: The Pro B4 wins the Photokina Star Award!

Göran and Anton (two of the designers) with the award.

DSC6806 Profoto at Photokina: The Pro B4 wins the Photokina Star Award!

Photokina Star Award

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Comments (7)

  • Iain Mackenzie


    Well done! And well deserved! That B4 is certainly a game-changer, it’s become the benchmark. If you ever have a spare one lying around, let me know…it will make a great addition to my D1’s and 7B’s


  • Don


    I’m very excited about the Pro B4. I use 4 D1’s and a D4 2400 with acute/d4 heads in the studio and the D1s with a BatPac on location.
    The BatPac and D1’s are going on the sale block to fund the B4.
    I see the Pro B4 as the Swiss army knife of lighting….In Studio, on location, an now
    Being able to offer more creativeness with crazy duration. I great creative tool for extreme sports images.
    Congratulations Profoto on Photokinas Star Award!


  • Derek


    When will the pro-b4 be available for purchase? Has this been announced?


    • Fredrik Franzén

      Fredrik Franzén


      Hi Derek. The Pro-B4 has been released. The only problem you might encounter is that we have more orders than we have generators, which means that your local dealer might have to wait a while for their shipment to arrive. In short, you’ll have to contact them and ask.


  • Katsu


    cool! good job!


  • Lensgrey


    way to go guys! The golden team has done it again. The B4 is already in a category of its own. Will wait with excitement for it to be available for delivery like a child before Christmas!


  • Peter


    How do the Pro-B4 and the Pro-8 compare?
    What is the difference?


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