Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

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01 57 MG 8857 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

“The Earth Can Shake But Haiti Remains In My Heart.” | ©Jeremy Cowart

On January 12, 2010, a massive earthquake struck the Caribbean Republic of Haiti. With its epicenter located just 25 km west of Port-au-Prince, the effects were catastrophic. The capital suffered major damage, and the homes and lives of hundreds of thousands of Haitians were ruined.

American photographer Jeremy Cowart was one of the millions who watched the shocking events unfold on TV. But unlike most viewers, he decided to do something about it. He packed his clothes and equipment, and a couple of days later, he stepped off a plane in Port-au-Prince.

“It was like a war zone,” says Jeremy. “The sights, the smells, the sounds – everybody walking around in a state of confusion. It was pretty scary, to be honest.”

What stopped you from backing out?

“Well, once I saw all the destruction, I truly realized how much help all the people there would need. That actually helped me keep my focus. It made me feel as though what we had set out to do had a purpose.”

And what purpose was that?

“To humanize the events. To let people tell their own stories. To prevent them from becoming numbers in a news article. I mean, the news reports at the time were so sensational and focused on the catastrophe that the lives that had been affected were almost forgotten.”

03 01 MG 9120 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

“Love Conquers All.” | ©Jeremy Cowart

18 64 MG 9330 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

“We’re Afraid Of The Rain.” | ©Jeremy Cowart

09 53 MG 9370 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

“Home Sweet Home” | ©Jeremy Cowart

19 32 MG 8937 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

"We will never give up." | ©Jeremy Cowart

13 61 MG 9321 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

“In All Of My Struggles I’ve Realized Jesus Loves Me.” | ©Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy’s team took a different approach. Instead of just documenting the events from a distance, they approached the locals and asked them to write down their thoughts and feelings on a piece of rubble. Meanwhile, Jeremy unpacked his Canon 5D Mark II and his weatherworn Acute B2 600. Then he took the subjects’ portrait, holding their message in their hands, looking straight into the camera.

“I couldn’t have done it without the local guides I had with me,” says Jeremy. “They were the ones who persuaded people to participate. There were obviously a lot of photographers around, but most of them acted like devastation paparazzis, shooting people without even asking. So when the locals understood what we were trying to do, they got very excited. I believe they respected our efforts because we were giving them a voice.”

Jeremy and his small team wandered around Port-au-Prince for days, talking to people, listening and photographing. When he eventually boarded his flight home, he had an entire series of portraits – a series that he would title Voices of Haiti.

What surprises me about Voices of Haiti is that even though the portraits were taken in the midst of a disaster, the faces and the messages are quite optimistic.

“Yeah, that surprised me too. The people really held their chins up high. They were very resilient and determined to bounce back.”

15 52 MG 8928 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

“You Learn How To Walk By Falling.” | ©Jeremy Cowart

21 28 MG 8916 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

"I will arise from my ashes." | ©Jeremy Cowart

23 40 MG 9193 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

"Amara's art." | ©Jeremy Cowart

29 60 MG 9257 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

“We Need Engineers To Rebuild.” | ©Jeremy Cowart

37 23 MG 8713 o Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

“We Want To Go Back To School.” | ©Jeremy Cowart

What happened once you got back to the States? Did the project have the impact you hoped for?

“Well, I began publishing one image a day on my blog. This helped me raise some money. Then I got a call from the UN. They were organizing an event with leaders from all over the world during which they would pledge money to the Haitian people. They had seen my images, and they wanted to print them in a very, very large format and hang them along this long hallway that all of these leaders had to walk down. And as it turned out, they raised something like USD 10,000,000 that day.”


“Yeah, it’s crazy! I don’t know how much of an impact my images actually made, but I do know that the voices of the Haitian people were heard all the way to the very highest level of government. To me, that’s a pretty cool thing. Also, being able to take it all the way from me watching TV in my living room to creating something that got presented to world leaders – that’s pretty amazing too.”

un1 Jeremy Cowart: Voices of Haiti

Voices of Haiti at the UN conference | @Jeremy Cowart

Voices of Haiti was a success, and Jeremy soon had the opportunity to travel and tell the story behind his project. During one of these journeys, he met a girl named Nathalie, who had recently filmed a documentary about the tragic events in Rwanda. The two started talking, and pretty soon new ideas took form. These ideas resulted in the recently published Voices of Reconciliation, which can be considered a continuation of the Voices of Haiti project. Want the read that story and see those images too? Leave a comment or drop us an email.


Jeremy Cowart’s website

The Voices of Haiti project’s website

Written by Fredrik Franzén

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