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On To Light Shaping: JP Elario Adds New Light to a Familiar Pathway

Written by Harley Anderson on . Posted in Videos

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On to Light Shaping is a new video series in which get to see 18 renowned portrait and wedding photographer create magic with Profoto Off-Camera Flash. In this video we join photographer JP Elario for a wedding portrait taken on a tree-lined pathway. When you are done watching, click here to see the rest of the series.

JP Elario is a second-generation wedding/portrait photographer based in Albany NY. His father started the business back in the 80’s, and JP – now 33, started shooting weddings when he was eleven.

Elario’s photograph of the bride and groom was taken on a tree-lined pathway he has shot on numerous times, though usually earlier in the day when the sun casts a warmer, low-angle wash of light across the scene. On this particular day, however, the hour was late and the sun had already dropped behind the treetops. With the light quickly fading Elario and his assistants got down to business.

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On To Light Shaping: Sal Cincotta At the Great Wall with Some Great Lights

Written by Harley Anderson on . Posted in Wedding Photography

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On to Light Shaping is a new video series in which get to see 18 renowned portrait and wedding photographer create magic with Profoto Off-Camera Flash. In this video we join wedding photographer Sal Cincotta at The Great Wall of China. When you are done watching, click here to see the rest of the series.

Sal Cincotta knows a great location when he sees one. The first time he visited the Great Wall in China he knew he would one day return, this time with cameras and a plan. Born in Brooklyn, Cincotta worked as a wonk at Microsoft before finding his true calling as a photographer. About 10 years ago he upped and left the East Coast. Today he’s a wedding and portrait photographer based in the St Louis Metro area, though his assignments often take him far from the comforts of his Illinois studio. Like China for instance.

Far from a romantic journey, Sal describes the trip to the Great Wall as a “boat, plane, train, Trolley, cab, and lots of walking sort of deal. It isn’t near anything. It’s extremely remote. You have to pack light, you need to understand you’re not going to be carrying more than about 50lb of gear with you. And, there’s no car to run back to when you forget something.”

One thing he’s learned over the years is that he doesn’t need big lights – he needs power. “The B2 Heads are about the same weight and mass as my speedlites, but they output 4 to 5-times the light,” he says. “Speedlites put out maybe 50 or 60ws of light. The B2 Heads output 250ws!”

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Muse Muse Travels Light Through Europe With the B1 Off-Camera Flash

Written by Sasha Hallin on . Posted in Off-camera Flash, Videos

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Wedding photographer Muse Muse travels from Hong Kong to the Swiss Alps to the carnivals in Venice and further on to Paris with a B1 Off-Camera Flash and a Magnum Reflector as his most trusted traveling companions. Join him on his trip in this beautiful, sun kissed video.

A lot of people have welcomed the concept of traveling light. Using Profoto, you could say that Muse Muse is one of them.

Equipment-wise, the Hong-Kong based wedding photographer brought nothing but his Canon camera, an Air Remote TTL-C and a B1 Off-Camera Flash with a Magnum Reflector with him on his trip through Europe. This lightweight lighting solution allowed him to travel with ease all the way from his hometown to the bright sun at 2,300 m above sea level in Switzerland, with a pit stop on a volcano cliff sunset in Santorini, further on to shooting mysterious masquerades in the shadowed alleys of Venice without any hassle, eventually ending up shooting young couples in the city of love – Paris.

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Profoto HSS. It Is Here. Start Using It Today.

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in News

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Profoto HSS

Up until now, HSS solutions have been either consistent but lacking in speed and power, or fast and powerful but inconsistent. Today, we release Profoto HSS – a new solution that has all of the benefits and none of the limitations.

High-Speed Sync (HSS) is the technical term for syncing flash with shutter speeds shorter than the so-called x-sync, typically 1/250 of a second. It is a useful tool for controlling ambient light and for freezing action. But there used to be limitations.

Current solutions for speedlights give you a fairly even exposure. But it does so at the expense of speed and power. Previous solutions for larger flashes were faster and more powerful. But the exposure could differ as much as 2 f-stops in a single shot.

Profoto’s new solution for the B1 Off-Camera Flash has all of the benefits and none of the limitations. The B1 itself is about ten times as powerful as the average speedlight and fast enough to keep up with your camera. With the new Profoto HSS upgrade installed, you switch to HSS Mode with a simple button-press. You will then be able to shoot at shutter as fast as 1/8000 of a second.

But it does not stop there. Profoto HSS is a unique, patent-pending technology, providing an extremely fast series of flash pulses. What this means in practice is that you get an extremely consistent exposure with no measurable variation over the image.

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Shutterbug’s Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash Review: “The Battery Design and Capacity are exemplary.”

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Review

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© Steve Bedell

Shutterbug is a magazine dedicated to serious photo enthusiasts and working professionals. Recently, Shutterbugs’s staff writer Steve Bedell put the Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash and the Air Remote TTL-C to the test. Read his review to learn what he thinks about them. 

“Like all Profoto gear, the B1 lights and accessories are built to take years of hard use,” writes Shutterbug’s Steve Bedell. “I particularly like the lamp head design where you just throw a cap on it and you don’t worry about breaking anything. The battery design and capacity are exemplary.”

Steve wanted to try the B1 Off-Camera Flash and Air Remote TTL-C on location. Doing so, he tried a few different setups. For instance, he did one in Atlantic Gymnastics in Dover, New Hampshire, where he used two B1 Off-Camera Flashes, one Umbrella Deep White L and his Air Remote TLL-C.

His conclusion?

“The Air Remote TTL-C controller is so simple to use that you’ll be off and running in five minutes. Once you get used to using it, the integration of radio control plus TTL makes everything else seem like old tech.”

“They set up quickly and can get you accurate exposures with little effort on your part. With the cost of top-of-the-line speedlights going for $550 to $600 with only a fraction of the power, the B1 lights make economic sense for many applications. If you have the need and the budget, these lights should be high on your shopping list.”

Click here to read the detailed review at Shutterbug’s website.

If you want to learn more about Profoto B1, click here