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Nikon Shooters, We Got News for You

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in News

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On September 15, we will release Air Remote TTL-N, a small, wireless radio transmitter that attaches to the Nikon camera’s hotshoe and enables TTL metering with the Profoto B1 off-camera flash.

In other words, Air Remote TTL-N is the Nikon shooter’s equivalent to the Canon shooter’s Air Remote TTL-C (available since November 2013).

We are now looking for Nikon test pilots to try out the new Air Remote TTL-N before it is launched.

Interested? Click here to sign up.

Also, thanks to HR Studios for the stunning video above.


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Walk Through a Wedding, Part VII: The First Kiss

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Wedding Photography

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Walk Through a Wedding is a yearlong video series in which we get to follow wedding photographers Justin & Mary Marantz as they set out to capture a young couple’s most special day.

The series consists of 20 videos, each one revealing the story and the lighting setup behind a certain image. In this episode we get to see Justin & Mary shoot what is arguably one of the most important shots on the wedding day: the kiss in the church.

“One of the things we try to do is to make sure we document that moment without being intrusive,” says Mary. “This works very well with our lighting setup , because it allows us to stay in the wings, rather than in front of the guests or in the middle of the aisle, standing in front of mom or grandma during those important moments.”

So, what is that setup you might ask? Well, it involves a couple of B1 off-camera flashes (remotely controlled with Air Remote TTL-C), two RFi softboxes and a Magnum Reflector.

Press play to see how they used these tools the get their shot.

Previous episodes of Walk Through a Wedding can be found here.

The next video will be released on June 16.

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Igor Artetxe’s B1 Off-camera Flash Marathon

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Hey, watch this! It’s another video showing the B1 off-camera flash in action!

This time we get to chase after Spanish portrait photographer Igor Artetxe running around Barcelona. Igor did this little mini Marathon to put the B1′s portability to the test. Igor and his assistant simply put on their jogging shoes, grabbed a Canon EOS 5D MkIII equipped with an Air Remote TTL-C, a B1 off-camera falsh and a Softlight Reflectors Silver, and headed out into the streets for some on-location shots.

All portraits were supposedly taken with the same camera settings (1/125 f9 ISO200). In other words, Igor trusted the B1 to automatically adjusts it output depending on the distance to the subject, the amount of available light, and etcetera. Igor also made a point of not retouching the images, except for a bit of contrast in some cases where the sun had came directly into his camera.

“I wanted to try all the possibilities and that’s why I wanted to go outside and use people from the streets for my portraits, everyone is in different places, with sun, with shadow, both…” writes Igor. ” A whole new world to discover and explore!”

Click play and see how the test played out.

The check out Igor’s website when you’re done.
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Neil van Niekerk Reviews the Profoto B1 Off-camera Flash

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Profoto B1 off camera flash Neil van Niekerk 600x400 Neil van Niekerk Reviews the Profoto B1 Off camera Flash

©Neil van Niekerk

Yesterday, we posted the very first field test of the Profoto B1. Today, we post the second.

This time it’s New York-based photographer Neil van Niekerk who is taking the Profoto B1 for a spin. Neil brought the B1 with him to a number of on-location portrait shots and tried a few different setups along the way. The image above was shot using just a single B1 and a Softbox RFi 1×3′. But Neil also tried working with several light sources, using larger softboxes and hard reflectors, shooting indoors and outdoors, and tried switching back and forth between TTL Mode and Manual Mode. In short, it’s a proper test drive!

“So what was the experience of using the Profoto B1 units on photo shoots on location?” Neil asks rhetorically. “In short, they deliver! I am very impressed. I want!”

Head over to Neil’s blog for the full story.

Michael Corsentino Tests the B1 Off-camera Flash for Resource Magazine

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One of the very first field tests of the B1 off-camera flash has dropped, courtesy of San Fransisco-based wedding photographer Michael Corsentino and Resource Magazine.

Michael brought two B1 off-camera flashes, an Air Remote TTL-C and two Beauty Dishes with him to Brooklyn, New York, to, as he eloquently puts it, “create magic with these game-changing lights.”

“There are so many things to love about the B1!” he writes. “First and foremost – TTL (through the lens metering) on a robust 500 watt second head. TTL does the heavy lifting for you, determining a rock solid exposure on the fly, allowing you to simply set up your lights and shoot. This means you can work intuitively without metering or worrying about technical issues. If you are technically inclined, no worries, the B1 has a full Manual Mode feature set as well. Profoto calls the B1 an Off-Camera Flash because it fills the void between handheld flashes and Monolights. By any name it’s a first of it’s kind and definitely a welcome addition. It would take approximately 10 Speedlights to equal the output of 1 B1 and Monolights don’t have TTL. Enter the B1!”

Head over to Resource Magazine’s website for the full story. You should also check out Michael’s website.

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