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Dan Bannister Shooting Raw Portraits Through Soft Light

Written by Dan Bannister on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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© Dan Bannister

© Dan Bannister

Dan Bannister is a Canadian commercial photographer and filmmaker. With more than 20 years in the business, he felt like he wanted to tell a different story with his photography. He stumbled upon the story of the modern blacksmith. Here is the story of what happened from there on, written by Dan himself.

I’ve been working on a personal project about blacksmiths for a couple of years now. I was originally looking for a photo project that would be different than the usual work I do day-to-day for clients such as ad agencies, fashion retailers and magazines. I wanted it to be something that would allow me to focus on simple portraiture in a raw and revealing way but still had a common thread that had room to grow and evolve.

One day, I was having a casual lunch with a friend who is a creative at an ad agency in Toronto and she mentioned that blacksmithing was a hobby of hers. This immediately fascinated me because I didn’t realize that blacksmithing was something people still did, let alone in a big urban center like Toronto.

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On To Light Shaping: JP Elario Adds New Light to a Familiar Pathway

Written by Harley Anderson on . Posted in Videos

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On to Light Shaping is a new video series in which get to see 18 renowned portrait and wedding photographer create magic with Profoto Off-Camera Flash. In this video we join photographer JP Elario for a wedding portrait taken on a tree-lined pathway. When you are done watching, click here to see the rest of the series.

JP Elario is a second-generation wedding/portrait photographer based in Albany NY. His father started the business back in the 80’s, and JP – now 33, started shooting weddings when he was eleven.

Elario’s photograph of the bride and groom was taken on a tree-lined pathway he has shot on numerous times, though usually earlier in the day when the sun casts a warmer, low-angle wash of light across the scene. On this particular day, however, the hour was late and the sun had already dropped behind the treetops. With the light quickly fading Elario and his assistants got down to business.

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On To Light Shaping: Dixie Dixon’s High Fashion Bridal Shoot

Written by Harley Anderson on . Posted in Videos

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On to Light Shaping is a new video series in which get to see 18 renowned portrait and wedding photographer create magic with Profoto Off-Camera Flash. In this video we join photographer Dixie Dixon for a high wedding fashion shoot in a cold and drafty Mill. When you are done watching, click here to see the rest of the series.

The term ‘location’ can mean warm, sunny days under clear blue skies or a cold, damp warehouse with no place to plug in the lights. For Dixie Dixon, a commercial, fashion, lifestyle photographer based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, a recent high-fashion bridal shoot at the McKinney Cotton Mill in McKinney Texas took the latter track. Built in 1910 and shuttered in 1969, the structure has seen better days.

“The place is huge and there are hardly any outlets,” says Dixie. There wasn’t much in the way of heat either, and the drafty chill of the overcast day could be felt throughout the building. They couldn’t do much about the ambient temperatures, but they could do something about the ambient light. Without wasting time they began setting up their lights.

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You Know the B1. Now Meet the Profoto B2. And the Rest of the Family.

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in News

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You know the B1 – the off-camera flash that has been called “game changer” more times than we can count. Today, we present the next step in that evolution. Meet the new Profoto Off-Camera Flash system and the new Profoto B2.

The new Profoto Off-Camera Flash system is designed for fast and easy on-location photography. Everything included in the system is small and lightweight. Everything is easy to use.

The most attention-grabbing item in the system is probably the new Profoto B2. The Profoto B2 is a lighter, more portable counterpart to the B1. The Profoto B2 consists of a battery pack and a head. The battery pack can be put on the shoulder or hip, while the head is small and light enough to be mounted onto a monopod or a bracket on the camera. This will allow the photographer to stay moving. If that is not necessary, both the pack and head can be put on a stand and the Profoto B2 can be wirelessly controlled from the camera. This makes the Profoto B2 the world’s first off-camera flash that can be used both on and off-camera.

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Christoph Jorda Lights Up an Ice Cave

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Sports Photography

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© Christoph Jorda

We don’t have any behind-the-scenes images to share from this shoot. And we honestly don’t know very much abou it. Still, this image is just too good not to share.

What we do know is that it was shot by German photographer Christoph Jorda. We know that he used a Profoto B1. And we know that the ice cave was not put in the image in post. It  was shot just the way it looks.

“This ice cave is a hidden jewel at about 3000 meter altitude in the middle of the Pitzal Glacier ski resort, says Christoph. “We hiked up there, two riders, one photographer, two B1s and a lot motivation.”

Once they reached the ice cave, Christoph and his team spent about an hour digging in the mountain side. They wanted the ice cave’s opening to be larger (so that more of the background would be visible). They also wanted the landing hill to be lower (to make the jump higher).

“After we were done, the two riders climbed on top of the cave,” says Christoph. “One of them prepared for the  jump. The other was holding one of the two B1s, which would be used as our main light on the guy doing the jump. Meanwhile, I set up the other B1 inside the cave. I wanted to show the smooth surface of the ice and the deep blue color of the cave. The best way to do that is to have a backlight.

“After a couple of test shots we were ready and good to go. We then had to wait for about 10minutes to have just the right beautiful purple light at the background. Then, when it was exactly right, the rider took off, nailed the jump, and we got our shot.

Yup, they sure did.


See more of Christoph’s images at his website.

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