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What’s the Difference Between Ambient Light and Flash?

Written by Jared Platt on . Posted in Lighting Tips

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What’s the Difference? is a series of video lighting tutorials. Each episode responds to a single question. In this episode, Jared Platt compares ambient light and flash light. The entire series, including all videos, articles and lighting diagrams, is available here.

I am in one of the sunniest spots on planet earth. As I write this post, the weather man is talking about a cooling trend that will drop us down to 43°C (110°F). So, needless to say, I battle with the sun on a daily basis.

As a photographer, the simple and somewhat lazy solution is to find shade and shoot with ambient light. But our challenge for this shot was to compare a completely ambient shot to one where we took control and shaped the light to our liking.

With that in mind, we took our Off-Camera Flashes and our Light Shaping Tools out to the groves and went to work.

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Stunning On-Location Portraits of Seven Ethiopian Tribes

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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© Arne Hodalic & Katja Bidovec

Inspired by the work of Edward S. Curtis and Richard Avedon, photographers Arne Hodalic and Katja Bidovec built a portable studio in Ethiopia with the goal to present the ethnic groups living on Eastern and Western banks of the Omo River and in the vicinity of Lake Turkana. In their trunk: The B1 Off-Camera Flash and a couple of Light Shaping Tools

Arne Hodalic, a slovenian photo journalist and photography teacher, tried a lot of professions (such as biology professor and skipper) before he decided to change his course and start to work as a professional photographer. He has been published in more prestigious magazines than you can imagine. Arne also works as a photo editor for National Geographic / Slovenia.

Katja Bidovec, an emergent photographic talent was Arne’s student at University of Ljubljana, later became his photo assistant and soon after, she started her own photographic career. Her passion is street photography but she works a lot in a studio and she took care of all the digital development of their Pristine Ethiopia project.

We had a little chat with Arne Hodalic about their new project, Prestine Ethiopia.

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Joe McNally Explains High-Speed Sync

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Videos

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Joe McNally is not your average Joe. With a career spanning over 30 years and including assignments in more than 50 countries, Joe McNally has shot everything everywhere in every thinkable sort of way. In addition to being an exceptionally experienced photographer, Joe is also known for his remarkable ability to share that knowledge. In this video he explains Profoto High-Speed Sync (HSS) and how to use it to improve your photography. Here is how it works, in Joe’s own words.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that we’re now giving up the relative control and security of the studio and heading out into the world. What we’re about out here in this bright sunlight is high-speed synchronization.

High-Speed Sync is right there with TTL in the realm of new developments for bigger flash units. I’m going to be looking at the sun and trying to kind of fight back against it, because the equation right now is against me. Even at a low ISO, it’s bright out here.

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Jeffery Salter Shoots Dancers At Bahia Honda Rail Bridge

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Videos

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Jeffery Salter is as passionate about his personal projects as he is about his commercial jobs. For this project, for example, he brought two dancers to Bahia Honda Rail Bridge to explore the relationship between people and beautiful architecture.

Jeffery Salter describes his photographic style as “cinematic with a touch of whimsy.” He draws inspiration from surreal artists, mostly painters, and from the cinema. “I keep my eyes open even when I don’t have a camera with me,” he says.

Jeffery, who has travelled the 127 mile long road in the Florida Keys many times, is fascinated by the Key Bridges – a series of bridges which connect the forty-three islands. He had since long wanted to do a personal project about them. Now was the time.

“Its combination of structural strength and graphic lines create a surreal sense of beauty,” replies Jeffery, when asked what is so special about the old Bahia Honda Rail bridge. “It’s magnificent in sheer functionally. You know, it has withstood extreme weather conditions, even hurricanes,” he explains.

The idea behind the project was to put the bridge’s long lasting grandeur and strong graphic lines in contrast with the fleeting moment of grace and soft curves of a dancer. “I wanted to marry the lines in the bridges to the lines of the human form,” he says.

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“The Light Shaper” Battles the Forces of Nature with Flashes and Collapsible Reflectors

Written by Andrea Belluso on . Posted in The Light Shaper

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Andrea Belluso is an experienced photographer with more than three decades in the business. Once a month, Andrea takes us behind the scenes of a recent shoot to share some of the knowledge he has gained over the years. Today, we join him on a challenging on-location shoot where the forces of nature seem to conspire against him.

There are days when the whole world seems to smile upon you. But there are also days when the forces of nature seem to conspire against you. This shoot belongs in the latter category…

The shoot was done at Långtora Airfield outside Stockholm, which is the airfield where my gliding club is based. The look we were going for was a modern version of the flying ladies of the 1940s. Quite a few of the classic Hollywood stars flew gliders. The particular glider we were borrowing for this shoot was used by the Danish air force during the 1940s to train fighter pilots. Some people at the club claim that the gilder was once flown by Greta Garbo. But that fact is still to be verified…

Lighting-wise, we planned to shoot with sunlight and Collapsible Reflectors only. I wanted a subtle and natural backlight in the images, and Collapsible Reflectors are great for that. The fact that Profoto offer ten different Collapsible Reflectors in six fabrics (black, white, silver, sunsilver, gold and translucent) would be helpful, as that allowed us to create different light characters and moods by simply replacing one Collapsible Reflector with another.

That was the plan. But as it turned, the forces of nature refused to cooperate. Read More