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Frederic Schlosser’s Solution for Shooting Cars on Location

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Commercial Photography

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Get the shot Frederic Schlosser shooting cars.jpg Frederic Schlossers Solution for Shooting Cars on Location

@ Frederic Schlosser

Shooting cars is a challenge. They are big, shiny and oddly shaped. German photographer Frederic Schlosser and his assistant took two cars, one classic sport car from the 1970’s and a comtemporty model of the same car and drove to Prague, Czech Republic. Here’s how he shot the two cars using the Profoto 1 Location Kit.

In the trunk: Frederic’s camera, his Profoto B1 Location Kit and a SoftboxRFi 1×4’. The Plan: shoot the two cars on location with the beautiful, old buildings in the background.

“I love fast cars,” says Frederic. “I love good car design, and I love driving cars. That’s why I got into car photography. It allows me to live out my two biggest passions in life!” Read More

Blair Bunting Show Us How to Light a Football Player

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Sports Photography

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Blair Bunting Show Us How to Light a Football Player Blair Bunting ASU 2 600x345 Blair Bunting Show Us How to Light a Football Player

©Blair Bunting

Being an established advertising photographer and a Nikon and Maurice Lacroix Ambassador, Blair Bunting sure knows how to light. In a recent blog post, titled How to Light a Football Player, Blair shares some of that knowledge.

“Let’s talk about lighting, specifically for mood,” writes Blair on his blog. “The eye finds discomfort and intimidation in the unknown and the unknown is where the light is not. The approach to making a subject intimidating should not be a mass of lights cranked to 11, but a single focus of direction where one light dominates and the remaining support the fear. An example of this that I shot a while back is this portrait of a football player.”

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Our Webinar on Matching Strobes with Available Light Was Recorded and Is Now Available as a Video

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Instruction

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On September 17, we did a live webinar with Jared Platt on how to match strobes with available light on location. Did you miss it? No worries. The webinar was recorded and is now available as a video.

Profoto hosts free webinars once a month. The next one is scheduled for October 22. Click here to sign up, and we’ll send you a friendly reminder when the next one is about to start.

All previous webinars are also available on the same page. There is one on dramatic night portraits, one on senior portraits and one on how to create a beautiful light in harsh conditions, to name just a few examples.

For more information about the B1 off-camera flash and the other Light Shaping Tools Jared is using in this video, click here.

And have a nice weekend!

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How to Build Up a Complex Lighting Setup Indoors

Written by Jared Platt on . Posted in Lighting Tips

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0004 Jared Platt for Profoto 600x400 How to Build Up a Complex Lighting Setup Indoors

©Jared Platt

On August 27, Profoto and photographer Jared Platt will host a free webinar on how to build up a complex lighting setup indoors . To get you in the mood for the webinar, Jared has written an article on the topic. Enjoy!

In the past few blog posts, I have discussed lighting outdoors, on location. Each time I arrive in a location, I am imediately looking for the existing light to set the mood of the shot, which means I am always scouting out the best locations and choosing the optimal time for the perfect direction and quality of light. While the process changes a bit on an indoor shoot (where I am manufacturing all of the light), the basic concepts don’t change all that much.

In our next webinar, we will discuss a shoot that occurred in a boxing ring in a hip old warehouse/gym/bar in Phoenix, Az, called The Duce. We chose this location for the shoot because it would require us to manufacture the light for the entire scene. While this required more lights and more set up, the principles of lighting the scene are no different than if we we’re outside. Instead of arriving on location and looking for the existing light, I arrived on location to a poorly lit warehouse and imagined the existing light in my mind and then reproduced it with one B1 off-camera flash and the appropriate Light Shaping Tools.

This first light sets the mood for the photograph, just like the sun’s existing light sets the mood and lighting direction on an outdoor shoot, only now we completely control our “sun.” Once the mood is set by our first light, we begin to build in the other lights one at a time to achieve the final finished image.

On this shoot, we are using four Profoto B1 off-camera flashes in manual mode.

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How to Build Up a Dramatic Night Portrait in 5 Simple Steps

Written by Jared Platt on . Posted in Lighting Tips

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Today, Profoto and photographer Jared Platt will host a free webinar on how to take dramatic night portraits. To get you in the mood, Jared has written a post on the topic. Enjoy!

I am a documentary wedding and portrait photographer mostly, so a lot of the work I do requires me to shoot a lot of images very quickly.  Commercial work and editorial portraits allow me to slow down and focus on getting one shot.  It is a wonderful change of pace from weddings, almost like a little holiday…

For today’s webinar, we shot a series of portraits with one overarching rule: we could only use the two lights that come in the new Profoto B1 Location Kit.  But we wanted to further challenge ourselves by photographing at night.  The photo here is one of the many shots we acheived with piano rockstar Kevin Burdick.  Unlike the other images we made in the city, this shot was shot on a very dark soccer field out in suburbia farmland.  To get our intended shot, we had to “build” the shot out in stages.  Here’s how we did it.

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