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Mark Kensett Jumps off a Roof with the Pro-B4

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Commercial Photography

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When Mark Kensett was asked to shoot a series of promotional images for a UK dancing school, he decided to bring the students with him to a roof top and have them jump off it. (No it’s not as bad as it sounds.)

The Northern Academy for the Performing Arts is a school for dance, drama and musical theatre skills, located in the city of Hull in northern England. The school is thriving community, far from many peoples view of old dancing schools, and Mark wanted to somehow show that. His solution? Bring the kids up on the roof and let them dance. Sort of.

“I thought the flat roof was large enough and the architecture interesting enough to get an eye catching image,” writes Mark on his blog. “But could we get a sense of drama? My original idea was to create a parkour inspired image, run along and off a pitched roof, it was safe in every sense of the word. “Why don’t we jump off the roof?” they [the dancers] replied. Well if you’re sure… So, five dancers, two Pro-B4 packs, three ProHead Plus heads, Magnum Reflectors and a Softlight Reflector and away we went.”

You’ll find the final images plus some behind-the-scenes shots below.

Head over to Mark’s blog for the full story.


Profoto Pro B4 Mark Kensett 1 600x450 Mark Kensett Jumps off a Roof with the Pro B4

©Mark Kensett

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The B1 Off-camera Flash on Heavy-Duty Use

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Commercial Photography

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Profoto B1 off camera flash Dale Travers Fullframe Photographic 10 600x400 The B1 Off camera Flash on Heavy Duty Use

©Fullframe Photographics

Fullframe Photographics is an Australian team of commercial photographers, retouching artists and production assistants. One of the teams latest assignments involved shooting a dusty mine site during the hottest month of the year. For this they brought the B1 off-camera flash.

The BackPack M that photographer Dale Travers can be seen carrying houses two B1 off-camera flashes. Attached to the straps are a Magnum Reflector and a Zoom Reflector.

“Ultimately these flashes are the next generation of studio lights for location work,” writes Dale on the team’s website. “Size and weight capabilities of these new units means we can produce high quality work for our clients on location with minimal wight and they proved as reliable as the rest of our Profoto gear.”

The full article can be found here. Be sure to check it out.

You will find most of the stills and a couple of bts shots below.

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Hard, Punchy Light at the Boxing Club with the Magnum Reflector

Written by Andrea Belluso on . Posted in The Light Shaper

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Andrea Belluso is an experienced photographer with more than three decades in the business. He has shot everything and everyone from supermodels and celebrities to fashion, beauty and stock photography. Once a month, Andrea takes us behind the scenes of one of his most recent shoots. This time he creates a hard and punchy light with the Magnum Reflector!

“Capture the essence of a classic yet modern and active man.” That was the brief I was given by advertising agency JU’NK, who had been hired by Pall Mall Barbers, one of the oldest and most respected barbershops in London, to promote their new line of products.

The first thing we did was to look for a model. Finding a British-looking man with just the right attitude in Sweden was not the easiest thing to achieve. But the second we met male model and rock star Knut, we knew we had our man!

The image was shot in one of Stockholm’s oldest boxing clubs. There is a deeply rooted boxing tradition among British gentlemen, so we figured the location would fit the brief perfectly. But there are certain challenges with shooting at a gym. Gyms are quite sterile, brightly lit environments, so creating mood and atmosphere is not an easy thing to do.

As always, I solved this by bringing my own lights, in this case three B1 off-camera flashes and three Magnum Reflectors. Read More

Aaron Conway Dances with The D1

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Fine Art Photography

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 Aaron Conway Dances with The D1

©Aaron Conway

Cincinnati-based fine art and commercial photographer Aaron Conway was challenged to introduce the city’s ballet to a new and younger audience. His solution? Shoot the ensemble dancing in a location where the kids actually hang out.

Different photographers have different needs and different preferences. There are quite a few who value being able to shoot fast and on the fly. But there are also photographers such as Aaron Conway who prefers taking it slow and getting deep into the details.

“Patience is essential,” says Aaron. “Taking the time to build the right set and working on the lighting is critical. I’m always my worst critic and have realized that if you rush a shot you’ll always see it in the image.”

It is a surprising stance, considering some of the stuff that Aaron shoots. For instance, getting deep into the details seems to be a difficult thing to do when shooting the bustling activity of the Cincinnati Ballet.

“I like working with images that have more focused lighting,” replies Aaron when asked about the thinking behind his lighting setup. “There may be fill lights or accent lights, but I try to always have a strong main light in my images. I’ve always been drawn to images in which you can see the direction of the light. I think it creates an identity in the image, as if you were looking through the photographer’s eyes, seeing what they see.” Read More

Neil van Niekerk Shoots a Vintage Motorbike in an Alley

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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Profoto Blog Neil van Niekerk NV2 5812 vintage Neil van Niekerk Shoots a Vintage Motorbike in an Alley

©Neil van Niekerk

Ok, so it is not the first time we highlight a post on Neil van Niekerk‘s wonderful blog, but as long as he keeps serving us gems such as this, we will happily pass them along to you guys.

This time Neil takes us behind the scenes of a recent shot for his upcoming book on portrait photography 60 Portraits.

“I photographed a few sequences of John and Barbara with this motorbike, using different setups,” writes Neil. “I liked this dramatic series the most, with the light from behind casting a shadow in front of them. I wanted the light to etch the frame of the motorbike and side-car, without revealing too much detail – I wanted this to be a portrait of John and Barbara.”

Neil needed only two lights to achieve this effect: an AcuteB2 equipped with a Magnum Reflector and a D1 equipped with a Softbox RFi 3×4′.

Head over to Neil’s blog to learn how he did it. You won’t regret it.