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Alexia Sinclair Goes Into the Dark Woods and Lights up the Creatures of the Night

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In the second part of Into The Gloaming, Alexia Sinclair leaves the comfort of her studio in search of a one hundred year old weeping beech tree. With her is a porcelain skinned heroine, a dress made of moths and a bag full of toadstools. The dedication and attention to detail is beyond belief. Here is the full story in Alexia’s own words.

As much as I love set construction and working in the studio (it never rains), some things just can’t be recreated on set, namely a gorgeous one hundred year old weeping beech tree.

With only a week until the tree would lose all it’s leaves (winter is coming, at least in Australia) we had to act fast to manifest this gateway between the real and the surreal.
Shooting on location is all about planning for that 5 minute window where the ambient intersects with the artificial and creates something otherworldly. With that in mind the only question that matters is: When exactly will the Sun be in that 5 minute window? And then how do I make sure that everything is ready for that moment.

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How Andrew McGibbon Made a Rock Band in a Parking Lot Look Like a 19th Century Painting

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Commercial Photography

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When Indie Rock band JORDI needed a promo image to coinside with their debut album, photographer Andrew McGibbon was their first and only choice. With total creative control Andrew put them on boat and started to make magic.

“For some reason, I entered the conversation with the idea of a row boat in rough seas and they were all like “no way, we have a song about that!”. So it was pretty obvious that the idea fit from the get go and then it was just up to me to figure out how we would pull it off.” says Andrew McGibbon.

The lead singer of Jordi, Jordi van Dyk, had been a fan of Andrew’s work for some time so when it came to shooting their promo, he insisted it had to be Andrew. With a limited budget, Andrew’s condition was to have total creative control of the image.

“The great thing about focusing on a niche style in photography is that your client will end up giving you much more freedom in a job because they trust you – after all, they came to you for your style. Why would they want to stifle that?” says Andrew.

Andrew’s idea was clear right from the start. The image had to be dramatic, almost like a Turner painting. But he knew that the scene itself would be impossible to achieve on location and in only one shot. “You don’t need to be restricted by the natural or real and can create based on your imagination. There is much more room for magic.” says Andrew.

Andrew ended up playing the role as producer, art director and photographer and Jordi was happy to take his lead.

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Ian Ruhter’s Workshop at Palm Springs Photo Festival: How to Do Wet Plates with Profoto Strobes

Written by Ian Ruhter on . Posted in Events

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At this year’s Palm Springs Photo Festival, photographer Ian Ruhter held a workshop on how to do wet plates with Profoto strobes. All these shots were created by his students (including a famous face you’ll all recognize) on the second day. And here is how it all went down, in Ian’s own words. 

It was almost a decade ago that I picked up my first camera. I took my first photography class and my eyes were opened to something that my senses had never felt before.

Shortly after, I realized that I was holding a new passport to the world in my hands and that this craft was one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. Since this time the camera has led me around the world– a couple of times. Along the way, during this great adventure, I learned from many different photographers. Today, I am happy that I am able to share this gift with others. Read More

Yuri Arcurs Blasts 30.000Ws of Flash on Location to Light up a Flying Fighter Jet

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Videos

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We’ve spent the majority of the week sharing portable one-light setups. Now, something at the other end of the spectrum!

It’s Danish photographer Yuri Arcurs who is at it again. Above-all known for taking the concept of microstock photography to the next level, this videos shows Yuri doing something quite different. Armed with more Pro-B3 flash packs than we care to count, Yuri heads out to an airfield to shoot a fighter jet flying by at 500 km/h! Needless to say, short flash duration was of absolute necessity.

You’ve gotta hand it to Yuri, he’s one photographer not afraid to leave his comfort zone.

See more jaw-dropping stuff at this website.

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Chris Gale: Flashes in the Dark

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Videos

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The good people over at Phase One just published a video featuring photographer Chris Gale, who ventured down a disused London Underground station called Aldwych.

Needless to say, working at a disused London Underground station poses a number of challenges. Chris had do the shoot in almost pitch darkness, without any mains power, and he had to wrap up the shoot in only three hours.

The fact that Chris needed to use flashes to fake the tunnel lights posed yet another challenge, as the flash packs had to be placed a couple of hundreds meter away.

“I’m shooting over a comparatively large area, so I need to ensure that I can reliably trigger the flash, ” says Chris. “There are no second chances to get this shot, so I can’t have any problems with
my camera system, software or lighting.

“I’m using six Profoto battery generators. The images will be shot using a Phase One 645DF+ with a Profoto Air Sync on the camera’s hot-shoe. I chose the Air Sync as it should work
on a range of around 300 meters.”

Complete gear list and final image can be found below.

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