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B2 Reviews From All Over the World

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Review

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© Rebecca Ahremark

© Rebecca Ahremark

We’are not afraid to say that the B2 is a great tool. But don’t take our word for it. Listen instead to what some of the photographic industry’s most popular sites and magazines have to say. Below is a list of reviews from all over the world and this is what they think: 



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Niel Van Niekerk’s Profoto B2 Review: “The Profoto B2 Made It Easy.”

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Review

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We recently shared with you Neil van Niekerk’s detailed review of Profoto HSS. Now, Neil is back with another review, this time of the brand new Profoto B2 and the Off-Camera Flash System.

“I really liked the Profoto B2,” writes Neil in his review. “It is really straight-forward to use – all the controls make sense.”

Neil did the test using a B2 To-Go-Kit,Profoto OCF Softbox 1×3′, a Profoto OCF Softbox 2′ Octa, a Profoto OCF Softbox 2×3′ , and an Air Remote TTL-N and a Nikon D810. The test was done with a model and an assistant out in the streets of Manhattan.

“My reaction when the initial images showed up on the back of my camera, was one of “wow!” writes Neil in his review. “Crisp lighting to lift my subject, and wafer-thin depth-of-field to isolate my subject from the smooth background. Just beautiful.”


Click here for the full review.

If you rather see more videos of the B2 in action, click here.

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Shutterbug’s Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash Review: “The Battery Design and Capacity are exemplary.”

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© Steve Bedell

Shutterbug is a magazine dedicated to serious photo enthusiasts and working professionals. Recently, Shutterbugs’s staff writer Steve Bedell put the Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash and the Air Remote TTL-C to the test. Read his review to learn what he thinks about them. 

“Like all Profoto gear, the B1 lights and accessories are built to take years of hard use,” writes Shutterbug’s Steve Bedell. “I particularly like the lamp head design where you just throw a cap on it and you don’t worry about breaking anything. The battery design and capacity are exemplary.”

Steve wanted to try the B1 Off-Camera Flash and Air Remote TTL-C on location. Doing so, he tried a few different setups. For instance, he did one in Atlantic Gymnastics in Dover, New Hampshire, where he used two B1 Off-Camera Flashes, one Umbrella Deep White L and his Air Remote TLL-C.

His conclusion?

“The Air Remote TTL-C controller is so simple to use that you’ll be off and running in five minutes. Once you get used to using it, the integration of radio control plus TTL makes everything else seem like old tech.”

“They set up quickly and can get you accurate exposures with little effort on your part. With the cost of top-of-the-line speedlights going for $550 to $600 with only a fraction of the power, the B1 lights make economic sense for many applications. If you have the need and the budget, these lights should be high on your shopping list.”

Click here to read the detailed review at Shutterbug’s website.

If you want to learn more about Profoto B1, click here

Mike Hagen’s B1 & Air Remote TTL-N Review: “This is exciting news for Nikon shooters.”

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Review

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On September 15, we will release Air Remote TTL-N, a clever little device that allows Nikon shooters to do TTL with the B1 off-camera flash. But the first Air Remote TTL-N review has already seen the light of day. It’s Mike Hagen of Nikonian fame who has tested it. And he is pretty impressed.

As the CEO of Visual Adventures and the Managing Director of the Nikonians Academy, Mike Hagen is a well-known name amongst Nikon shooters.

Mike also reviews gear that is of interest to Nikon shooters. Latest in line is an Air Remote TTL-N review which also includes a review of the recently released B1 Location Kit.

Mike starts off by announcing that “this is exciting news for Nikon shooters.” He then brings the remote and the kit to an on-location shoot for a test drive. Finally, he rounds off his review stating:

“Profoto has created a high quality, powerful and easy to use location lighting system that I’d take anywhere. The B1 AirTTL flashes were truly a joy to use and I highly recommend them for any pro shooter who wants the best.”

Head over to Visual Adventures’ website for the full review.

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BJP’s Profoto B1 500 Review: “A Compelling Package”

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Review

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©Martin Evening

The British Journal of Photography (BJP) was first published in 1854. That makes the magazine 160 years old. One-hundred-and-sixty. How cool is that?

Almost as cool is the fact that BJP’s most recent review is a thorough examination of the Profoto B1 off-camera flash – or the B1 Location Kit, to be precise.

The review, done and written by photographer Martin Evening, is, in the magazine’s fashion, detailed and sober. But also positive.

The review’s final verdict of the kit is:

“At €2950, the Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash kit isn’t cheap, and you still need to factor in the cost of the Air Remote TTL unit plus stands and lighting accessories. But for the sheer convenience and automated control you get working with the Profoto B1 lights, it’s a compelling package.

Read the full review here.