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Drew Gurian’s 5 Minute portrait with Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons

Written by Drew Gurian on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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5-minute portrait

©Drew Gurian

Drew Gurian is a young, up-and-coming portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Each month, he’ll be bringing you a behind the scene perspective, navigating the freelance marketplace of one of the busiest photo markets in the world – New York City. This is the first part of his story.

When working with a notable personality in front of the camera, your time as a photographer is generally very limited. The bigger they are, the less time you get, and five minutes (or less) is what you can expect to have in this type of situation.

Of course, the idea is to hopefully get to the location or studio with more than enough time to set up, so that when the talent arrives, you can do when you need to do, and get them on their way.

My current record for a portrait sitting was with the rock band, Primus, who I shot last summer at a backstage portrait studio I had set up right outside of their RV. They walked out of the RV, onto my set, and then directly to the main stage to headline the festival.  I shot them in 18 seconds.

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Ning Wong Uses the RFi Speedlight Speedring to Bring the Sun with Him on An Engagement Shoot

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Wedding Photography

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“Using flash is like having a sun in your pocket,” says wedding photographer Ning Wong, who recently tried the RFi Speedlight Speedring and an RFi Softbox for the very first time. This is the outcome of his test drive.

Considering it’s what weddings are all about, you might expect to get this kind of answer more often. Still, when we asked Ning Wong why he is a wedding photographer, we couldn’t help but being a bit surprised by his heartfelt reply.

“I absolutely adore the concept of being in love,” he says. “My wife and I are high school sweethearts and I feel so blessed and lucky to have her by my side. We have such a strong and loving relationship – every time I shoot a wedding, I feel like I’m reliving these moments with her. It makes me happy.”

“I also realize that my photos and videos will be one of the few things that my couples will cherish for the rest of their lives. They’ll be able to show their children and grandchildren one of their most special and happiest days of their lives. I’m lucky to be able to capture this bit of their history for them to remember forever.” Read More

Irwin Wong, the RFi Speedlight Speedring and the Blogging Jogger

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©Irwin Wong

Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong claims he shoots portraits like a kid collecting baseball cards. For him, it is all about meeting colorful characters and documenting the experience with a powerful portrait.

“I get a huge kick out of seeing what all sorts of different people are like,” says Irwin. “Through my job I get to meet people from all sorts of different walks of life. I’ve met homeless people, rock stars, the yakuza, etcetera, and 99% of the time they are happy to let me into their lives enough for a photo to be taken.”

So, tell us about this particular experience?

“These shots are part of my portrait series Gaijin, featuring foreigners with interesting, unconventional jobs living in Japan. The strangely dressed man is Joseph Tame. He wears that outfit and blogs live while running marathons or jogging around Tokyo. That is why he has all those iPhones and iPads with him.

“While having a coffee with him in order to prepare the shoot, Joseph mentioned that every single time he jogs in that outfit, without fail, he gets stopped by a police officer who wants to know what he is up to. So, besides the fact that I thought seeing a man dressed like a nut being questioned by the police would make for a humorous scene, I also felt that a lot of non-Japanese living in Tokyo would be able to relate to that scene, as there is this underlying perception here that the police keep a special eye out for foreigners.” Read More

SLR Lounge Reviews the New RFi Speedlight Speedring

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Yes, we keep telling you that the new RFi Speedlight Speedring is an awesome tool. But perhaps you’d rather hear it from someone else? Then click play and see what the people at SLR Lounge has to say about it!

The RFi Speedlight Speedring was recently tried and tested by Pye, photographer and SLR Lounge’s Editor in Chief. Pye tried the RFi Speedlight Speedring with two different softboxes, the Softbox RFi 3′ Octa and the Softbox RFi 2×3′.

The verdict is as follows:

“All in all, we give the Profoto RFi Speedlight Speedring and Softbox system a total of 5 out of 5 stars and it is an absolutely awesome lighting tool which we will be using frequently!”

Head over to SLR Lounge for the full story. Read More

Light Shaping Tool of the Month: RFi Speedlight Speedring

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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Each month we highlight a certain item in Profoto’s rich assortment of Light Shaping Tools (previous articles can be found here). This month we talk to Turkish portrait photographer Maneki Neko about the new RFi Speedlight Speedring.

As you might know, Maneki Neko is the name of the Japanese figurine cat that is said to bring good luck to its owner. But luck had nothing to do with it when we decided to send our new RFi Speedlight Speedring to the Turkish portrait photographer with the same name. We simply loved Maneki’s work and were curious to see what he would create with this new tool.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to not only show something from myself but also from the beautiful city of Istanbul where I live,” says Maneki. “In addition, I wanted to show the portability of the product, so shooting outdoors on the streets of Istanbul seemed like the perfect thing to do!” Read More