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How to Light a Horse With a Beauty Dish

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Animal photography

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© Marco Joe Fazio

© Marco Joe Fazio

The Softlight Reflector White, also known as The Beauty Dish is very popular when it comes to beauty and fashion shots. It offers an even light with crisp definition and contrast. For this shoot, photographer Marco Joe Fazio wanted to try something different and decided to use it on three four-footed models. 

In a recent published story on his blog, Marco talks about the photo shoot he called “Proud Horse Portraits”, where he shot three beautiful horses owned by Miss Kayley Lanston. “Every production on location is always a challenge, but having as models three four-footed friends is definitely something that require extra attention and a careful planning.”, says Marco.


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How Alexis Cuarezma Got 4 Different Looks in 1 Minute with 1 Lighting Setup

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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San Francisco-based photographer Alexis Cuarezma was asked to shoot the US Men’s National Soccer Team for Sports Illustrated. The catch? He had only one minute with each player, and in that time he wanted to get not one but four different shots of each player. Impossible, you say? Nope. This is how he pulled it off. 

To complicate things further, the shoot was a three-part assignment.

The first part was the one already mentioned – the one where Alexis wanted to get four different shots of each of all 23 players in the US Men’s National Soccer Team.

The second part required Alexis to shoot a portrait of Clint Dimpsey AKA Captain American for the magazine cover.

The third part was a group portrait of all the German players that plays for team USA.

To complicate things even further, the shoot took place in the middle of nowhere on asphalt where there was no shade and no mains outlets.

So how did Alexis do it?

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Watch Drew Gurian’s Portrait Being Transformed Into a 40 Foot Mural

Written by Drew Gurian on . Posted in Portrait Photography

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Drew Gurian is a young, up-and-coming portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Each month, he’ll be bringing you a behind-the-scene perspective, navigating the freelance marketplace of one of the busiest photo markets in the world – New York City. This is the third part of his story.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a very cool project with the elctro pop duo Denitia & Sene, Red Bull NYC, and Colossal Media.

One of the portraits I shot of Denitia & Sene was transformed into a hand-painted, photorealistic 20’x40′ mural by the amazing crew at Colossal Media, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It took a three person crew of painters five days to complete the mural, and I can’t express how amazing it is to see in person.

Check out the video above to see a behind-the-scenes look into the shoot itself, as well as a time-lapse of the painting.

As for the lighting itself, we set up three different scenarios throughout the day, and here’s the basics of each.

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Our Webinar on How to Use Light as An Element Was Recorded and Is Now Available as a Video

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Videos

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On October 22, we did a live webinar with Jared Platt on how to use light as an element in real weddings. Did you miss it? Don’t worry. The webinar was recorded and is now available as a video.

In this webinar, Jared Platt show you how to light all those different situations that can happen during a wedding. You will also get to see what tools Jared is using.

Profoto hosts free webinars once a month. The next one is scheduled for November 19. Click here to sign up, and we’ll send you a friendly reminder when the next one is about to start.

All previous webinars are also available on the same page. There is one on dramatic night portraits, one on senior portraits and one on how to create a beautiful light in harsh conditions, to name just a few examples.

For more information about the B1 off-camera flash and the other Light Shaping Tools Jared is using in this video, click here.

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How Andrew McGibbon Made a Rock Band in a Parking Lot Look Like a 19th Century Painting

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Commercial Photography

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When Indie Rock band JORDI needed a promo image to coinside with their debut album, photographer Andrew McGibbon was their first and only choice. With total creative control Andrew put them on boat and started to make magic.

“For some reason, I entered the conversation with the idea of a row boat in rough seas and they were all like “no way, we have a song about that!”. So it was pretty obvious that the idea fit from the get go and then it was just up to me to figure out how we would pull it off.” says Andrew McGibbon.

The lead singer of Jordi, Jordi van Dyk, had been a fan of Andrew’s work for some time so when it came to shooting their promo, he insisted it had to be Andrew. With a limited budget, Andrew’s condition was to have total creative control of the image.

“The great thing about focusing on a niche style in photography is that your client will end up giving you much more freedom in a job because they trust you – after all, they came to you for your style. Why would they want to stifle that?” says Andrew.

Andrew’s idea was clear right from the start. The image had to be dramatic, almost like a Turner painting. But he knew that the scene itself would be impossible to achieve on location and in only one shot. “You don’t need to be restricted by the natural or real and can create based on your imagination. There is much more room for magic.” says Andrew.

Andrew ended up playing the role as producer, art director and photographer and Jordi was happy to take his lead.

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