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Profoto B2 In the Field

Written by Jens-Linus Lundgren-Widén on . Posted in On location, Review, Videos, Wedding Photography

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In March portrait and wedding photographer Sal Cincotta tried out the portability of the B2 at the Great Wall of China. Now Sal and his friends at Shutter Magazine have recorded a video of their own, testing the Profoto B2 OFC System in the field.

Up-and-coming wedding photographers Michael Anthony from LA and Leonardo Volutro from Miami both set out to try the Profoto B2 and OCF Light Shaping Tools on location. An experienced B1 user, Michael had yet not tried the B2 and Leonardo had just made his first step from speedlights to shooting with an Off-Camera Flash system.

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Watch 18 Portrait and Wedding Photographers Create Magic with Profoto Off-Camera Flash

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Videos

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Question: What does Ben & Erin Chrisman, Chan Kit, Charles & Jennifer Maring, Dixie Dixon, Jaleel King, Jared Platt, JP Elario, Justin & Mary, Laurent Hini, Michelle Turner, Mike Allebach, Moshe Zusman, Ryan Brenizer, Sal Cincotta, Simeon Quarrie, Tamara Lackey, Tom Muñoz and Vanessa Joy have in common?

Answer: They have all tried the new Profoto Off-Camera Flash system. And they all shot a video while doing so.

All 18 videos are now available at our new website.

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Jeffery Salter Shoots Dancers At Bahia Honda Rail Bridge

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Videos

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Jeffery Salter is as passionate about his personal projects as he is about his commercial jobs. For this project, for example, he brought two dancers to Bahia Honda Rail Bridge to explore the relationship between people and beautiful architecture.

Jeffery Salter describes his photographic style as “cinematic with a touch of whimsy.” He draws inspiration from surreal artists, mostly painters, and from the cinema. “I keep my eyes open even when I don’t have a camera with me,” he says.

Jeffery, who has travelled the 127 mile long road in the Florida Keys many times, is fascinated by the Key Bridges – a series of bridges which connect the forty-three islands. He had since long wanted to do a personal project about them. Now was the time.

“Its combination of structural strength and graphic lines create a surreal sense of beauty,” replies Jeffery, when asked what is so special about the old Bahia Honda Rail bridge. “It’s magnificent in sheer functionally. You know, it has withstood extreme weather conditions, even hurricanes,” he explains.

The idea behind the project was to put the bridge’s long lasting grandeur and strong graphic lines in contrast with the fleeting moment of grace and soft curves of a dancer. “I wanted to marry the lines in the bridges to the lines of the human form,” he says.

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Sign Up For a Free Webinar On How To Mix Ambient Light with Strobes on Location

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Videos

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On November 19, Profoto and photographer Jared Platt will host a free webinar on how to get a natural looking result when mixing ambient light with strobes on location.

It will take place on November 19 at 7PM CET (November 19 at 10AM Los Angeles, 1PM New York, 6PM London, 7PM Paris // November 20 at 2AM Beijing, 3AM Tokyo, 5AM Sydney).

Jared Platt will be reviewing images from various lifestyle and portrait shoots on location. The discussions will focus heavily on mixing ambient light and strobes for maximum effect with minimal effort.

Jared has also written a blog post about this. Make sure not to miss it.


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Moose Peterson Finds His Portable Lighting Soulmate

Written by M. Gertz on . Posted in Review

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Well respected wildlife photographer and educator Moose Peterson has finally found The One, in lighting anyways. He wanted a portable, durable, and high quality lighting system and he found it in the Profoto AcuteB2 AirS Li.

He likes its physically small size, making it ideal for air travel, and the fact that you don’t need to plug it into a wall or generator while shooting on location. “Are there other options?,” he asks, “You bet. Are there better options? So far I haven’t found one. The size and light weight of this is really better than anything I’ve found… Lightweight, portable and, the best thing, I can use it and do it by myself.”

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