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These Sparkling Portraits Will Put Stars in Your Eyes

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Beauty Photography

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Profoto D1 monolight Andrea Zvadova 14 600x400 These Sparkling Portraits Will Put Stars in Your Eyes

©Andrea Zvadova

The stars in the sky have been a source of inspiration for artists ever since we humans first started to express ourselves creatively. If you want a modern day example from the world of photography, look no further. Andrea Zvadova’s sparkling portraits will put stars in your eyes.

“When you’re away from the city and you see the stars in the sky, you feel so close to them,” says Andrea. “The world becomes quiet for a while. The same goes for the northern lights, slowly glowing in the air, floating, and radiating vivid colors. It was this startling sensation of looking up at the night sky that I tried to capture in these images.”

Andrea could have achieved this result in a number of ways. But rather than relying on postproduction, she decided to get as much as possible in camera.

“It was mostly done with makeup and lighting,” says Andrea. “I have makeup artist Lukáš Kimlika to thank for much of it. Lukáš covered the model’s face in glitter and colors. You know, I’d never seen so much glitter in my life before! The five-year-old me would’ve been the happiest girl in the world that day! It still was a lot of fun, but also very messy. For every shot we had to remove all the make-up and start all over again. That’s why we had two models, Karolina from Elite and Tasha from Exit. They both ended up with black glittery faces and had to go home looking like Star Wars characters. The studio was, of course, also covered in glitter. There was a lot of cleaning up to do that day…” Read More

Light Shaping Tool of the Month: Snoot

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Commercial Photography

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Profoto Light Shaping Tool Snoot Jonathan Menga cover 600x407 Light Shaping Tool of the Month: Snoot

©Jonathan Menga

Each month we highlight a certain item in Profoto’s rich assortment of Light Shaping Tools. This month we talk to Canadian photographer Jonathan Menga about a simple yet fun and creative tool: the Snoot.

The Snoot is such a simple design that it is easy to overlook the possibilities it brings. The Snoot is basically just a metallic cone that you attach in front of your Zoom Reflector with the help of the Grid & Filter Holder. Unlike most hard reflectors, the Snoot has a black, non-reflective inside and a bunch of angled corners designed to prevent the light from bouncing around inside it. This means that the Snoot prevents any reflected or diffused light from hitting the subject. The only light shining through its opening is the direct light coming straight from the flash tube. This results in a direct and hard light with a very limited light spread.

This can be used for a great number of things. Some photographers use it in a more subtle way. For instance, they might want a certain detail highlighted in their product shot or the darker parts of a portrait, let us say the hair, slightly brighter and more detailed. But there are also photographers like Jonathan Menga who use the Snoot in a way so that its effect becomes directly visible. Check the first image above. Notice something strange? Yeah, how come the stripes are fading away in the guys face? Right, that is the Snoot in action! Read More

Watch Simeon Quarrie Make a Young Couple’s Dream Come True

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Wedding Photography

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Some people fantasize about their wedding until the day it occurs. If you’re one of them, Simeon Quarrie might be the wedding photographer you’re looking for. Because his images sure do look like dreams come true. 

His recent series Released by Love is, by no definition, an exception. On the contrary, it shows Simeon take his signature style to a whole new level. By skillfully balancing the ambient light in a meticulously decorated attic with the light from his D1 monolight and Pro-7b pack, Simeon creates a series of images with a soft, dreamlike beauty. As mentioned before, it looks like someone’s fantasy just came true. And judging from the wedding couple’s reaction, that’s exactly what happened.

“Sometimes you have to just seize the opportunity,” says Simeon in regards to the theme. “Take who or what you want, despite the seeming restrictions from friends, family or a past that can act as an obstacle. Tied. Unavailable. Restricted. However, wanting to be released. Hence the title, Released by Love.”

The final images can be seen in the end of the video. But if you want our advice, watch the entire video from start to finish. It is worth every second of your time.

After that, you should check out Simeon’s website.

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The B1 Off-camera Flash on Heavy-Duty Use

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Commercial Photography

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Profoto B1 off camera flash Dale Travers Fullframe Photographic 10 600x400 The B1 Off camera Flash on Heavy Duty Use

©Fullframe Photographics

Fullframe Photographics is an Australian team of commercial photographers, retouching artists and production assistants. One of the teams latest assignments involved shooting a dusty mine site during the hottest month of the year. For this they brought the B1 off-camera flash.

The BackPack M that photographer Dale Travers can be seen carrying houses two B1 off-camera flashes. Attached to the straps are a Magnum Reflector and a Zoom Reflector.

“Ultimately these flashes are the next generation of studio lights for location work,” writes Dale on the team’s website. “Size and weight capabilities of these new units means we can produce high quality work for our clients on location with minimal wight and they proved as reliable as the rest of our Profoto gear.”

The full article can be found here. Be sure to check it out.

You will find most of the stills and a couple of bts shots below.

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Michael Mueller Shoots Skaters Rushing Down a Mountainside at 100 km/h with the B1 Off-camera Flash

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Off-camera Flash

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Profoto B1 off camera flash Michael Mueller CF008838074 Bearbeitet 600x480 Michael Mueller Shoots Skaters Rushing Down a Mountainside at 100 km/h with the B1 Off camera Flash

©Michael Mueller

It is now exactly two weeks since the launch of the B1 off-camera flash caused such a storm of clicks that our website came crashing down. We partly blame Michael Mueller for that. His images are just too good to ignore.

In early September, the B1 off-camera flash was ready to be launched to the public. But before doing so, the development team at Profoto wanted to give their new flash a proper test drive – or to be more precise, they wanted a professional photographer to do it.

The B1 is a cordless off-camera flash with TTL, designed to not only catch the action but also freeze it in time with absolute sharpness. So it seemed only natural to give it to a photographer whose images are oozing with adrenaline. If you are familiar with German sports photographer Michael Mueller, you know he fits that description like a glove.

Michael happily accepted the proposal and brought his team to a mountain to shoot death-defying downhill skateboarders rushing down a road. In their bags were B1s, a BatPac, Zoom Reflectors, a Phase One 645DF+ camera and standard Air Remotes, amongst other things. Read More