The Light Shaper: The Punk Setup

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©Andrea Belluso

©Andrea Belluso

Andrea Belluso is an experienced photographer with more than three decades in the business. Over the years, Andrea has shot everything and everyone from supermodels and celebrities to fashion, beauty and stock photography. In addition, Andrea works as a light shaper evangelist at the Profoto headquarters in Stockholm.

Once a month Andrea shares one of his recently used setups. (Previous setups can be found here.) He is also available to answer any questions you might have. Just leave a comment or tweet us at @Profoto

This month’s setup: The Punk Setup

Perfect when: You are lighting girls with safety pins in their ears

But also whenever: You want a flattering light with attitude

The assignment: When the international make up brand Make Up Store asked me to do a beauty story on the theme of punk, I couldn’t help but thinking of my own past as a drummer and one of the first punks in London. Those were the days…

I also started thinking about this young punk girl I’ve seen in the park just two weeks before. She was beautiful and sported the most amazing double Mohican hairstyle I’ve ever seen, and I knew she just had to be my model. I just didn’t how to find her without a name or phone number…

So, what I did was that I started asking around on Facebook if any of my friends knew any cool looking punk girls. The next day I friend of mine forwarded a contact, and when I saw who it was, I almost fell off my chair. It was the exact same girl!

As it turned out, her name was Evz and she happily agreed to do the shoot. Instead of hiring a stylist, I asked Evz to style herself as she usually does. Also, I gave my make up artist Elva free hands to go a little crazy and do something creative. In fact, the only guidelines we had were the ones provided by the Art Director, Ron, who had asked us to follow the different stages of punk, from the initial dream to the fluctuation into post punk and finally the New Romantics.


©Andrea Belluso

©Andrea Belluso


©Andrea Belluso

The setup: Considering that the punk movement represented something raw and unpolished, I felt that a quite hard light was needed. I decided to work with a Pro-Head equipped with a Profoto ProFresnel Spot and powered by a Pro-8 2400.

The reason why I chose to work with the ProFresnel Spot as my main light was because of the unique properties of its Fresnel lens. The lens glass is slightly greenish, which has the effect that any eventual magenta tones in the skin are reduced to a minimum, creating a really healthy looking skin. That’s why it was such a favorite amongst the old Hollywood stars! In addition, using the ProFresnel Spot meant that I could utilize the zoom function that is unique for Profoto. To be a bit gentler on the skin, I added a diffusing screen in front of the ProFresnel Spot.

I also used a second ProHead equipped with a Zoom Reflector, a Grid and Filter Holder and a Snoot. This was positioned slightly behind the model and used to create the subtle rim light around her great hairdo.

Finally, we made a playlist of old punk songs, cranked up the volume to max and started shooting. We used the same setup throughout the entire day, and the make up, which in the end was what the client really wanted to show, turned out to look amazing in this setting. It’s also worth mentioning that Evz, who is not an experienced model, acted like a real pro. It was, in fact, one the most fun shoots I’ve done in a long while. Blame it on nostalgia…


Profoto Andrea Belluso small portrait The Light Shaper: The Futuristic Setup


Andrea Belluso

Andrea’s website

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©Andrea Belluso

©Andrea Belluso

©Andrea Belluso

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  • Margaret


    Wold it be possible to see non retouched images?


  • Andrea Belluso


    I am sorry Margaret, but I never show unretouched images except to my clients. This is because it would be like asking the chef at your favourite restaurant to show you the cow how it was before it ended up on your plate… :-)
    But I assure you that I always retouch my pictures as little as possible and I never change the lighting in post production, otherwise it would not be photography…


  • Jesus Gomez-Cortes


    Was looking around for a very unique shoot that would have challenges in the form of music genres. Little did I realize that you have already done a shoot like this. It’s amazing the outcome of the lighting setup what it brought to the final image. I for one would have been stumped to have thought of a light set for this particular model. Glad you thought up of something out of the box to take as a job. I applaud you in what you accomplished doing this “out of the ordinary” shoot and helping me see that there is no limit to what the creative mind can do.


  • david


    Hello Andrea:

    Many thanks for your sharing, it’s very informative. Could you talk about the differences among ProFresnel Spot, Fresnel small and Cine reflector with Fresnel lens inserted? Thank you very much.


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