Destry Jaimes and His Permanent Markers

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Texas native Destry Jaimes is working on a months-long project entitled “Permanent Markers.” Located in Austin for the past five years, the series of images features portraits of tattoo artists, but has expanded to include apprentices and body piercers. Complimenting the portraits are a series of detail images which further explore the artists and their environments. Jaimes is “big on different subcultures,” he says. An industry contact led him to his first subjects, and the project has grown from that initial point.

“I had never seen portraits of these types of people,” Jaimes says. “I wanted simple black backgrounds to get the same ink-sense. These are interesting characters, and I also wanted to capture them in their environment.”

Long a fan of this type of artwork, Jaimes doesn’t limit his subjects to the Austin-area. “Anywhere I go, I’ll look up tattoo shops to see if I can work with them,” he explains. “If they’re not too busy, I’ll grab them and fire off two frames.”

The portraits are shot on location just outside each shop, using an arsenal of MAC Group products including Profoto Acute 600e generators, PocketWizard Plus II units, a Sekonic L-358 meter, and an X-Rite Color Checker Passport.

“I’m using an Acute 600e kit I’ve had for a number of years,” says Jaimes. “It’s a simple kit I knew would give me plenty of power, and sees me through 99.9% of my shoots. Thus far, it’s kept it’s promise, and has been a loyal friend.”

“I was originally drawn to Profoto products because of the many modifiers that offer so much versatility and control. I shoot with Profoto because of the consistent light output pop after pop, and because the products are so widely available. The gear is very well built. I’ve had a head with a Zoom 2 reflector and grid come crashing down from about five feet. The damage was so minimal it’s barely noticed, and both the modeling light and the warm flash tube still fire work fine,” Jaimes reports.

“I’ve thought about doing a book, and I’ll be putting together a separate gallery on my site in January,” Jaimes says. “There might be a gallery show next year at some point.”

Destry Jaimes Photography

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Written by Ron Egatz


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  • Troy


    Great to see you mentioned here, Destry! And also glad to see another shout-out to the Acute 600e power pack–I know how much I use mine. Maybe Profoto could consider bringing back the “e” series? :)
    Best wishes,
    Troy Freund
    Milwaukee, WI


  • Destry Jaimes


    Thanks for the write up!

    This project is one that I’m proud of, and have had a lot of fun working on.

    I’ve met lots of interesting people, and made some good friends along the way.

    It’s been fun to watch this project evolve and become what it is, and I can’t wait to finally show the series in early 2011.



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