San Francisco Assistant Event in Heinzight

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©Tom Heinz

Excited attendee Tom Heinz sent us these photos and this note about the Profoto Assistant Event at Left Space on 3/12:

I had a great time at the San Francisco Profoto’s Assistants Shoot. The room was well equipped with knowledgeable staff and pro-shooters that gave me all the help I needed.  Finally, everything came together and I was able to shoot over 500 frames.  At times, I shot at 8.5 frames a second with my Canon 1D MK II, and the Profoto didn’t miss a beat, of course.  There were also 3 others shooting and Profoto’s short flash duration of 1/12,000 of a second prohibited me from ‘seeing’ the flash from the other shooters in my frames.  Sweet!  I can’t wait to work with the software next.

©Tom Heinz

©Tom Heinz


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