VIDEO: Blair Bunting Lights a Lamborghini Aventador with FStoppers

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Fstoppers has put together another wonderfully educational video showing how creative people work hard to create the perfect images you find in the commercial world every day. What do a video game, a car, a photographer, and a retoucher have in common? Read on to find out.

Art imitating life and life imitating art. You can’t have one without the other. Photographer Blair Bunting is a big fan of the video game Forza 4. When the game introduced a digital reproduction of a Lamborghini Aventador, Bunting knew he wanted to photograph the real thing.

The Aventador is such a new car, Bunting relied on the Free Look mode in the Forza 4 game so he could examine possible shooting angles and make decisions about the types of lighting he would use. Sounds like a fun way to get your preproduction homework done. In the Fstoppers video, he shows lighting examples with a three dimensional model.

At Loft 19 Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, Bunting had a gorgeous gray Aventador brought in for the actual shoot. With his lighting concepts largely predetermined by his preproduction work, it looks like things moved forward quickly. A 30-foot Chimera bank was hung overhead. Highlights were brought out on different sections of the car with Profoto gear. “I think we used eight Profoto Pro-7a packs (varying between 1200-2400), and nine heads with grids on five of them,” Bunting explains.

Retoucher Scott Dorman of Smalldog Imageworks also appears in the video to describe what he did to the final image in postproduction.

It’s exciting to see two artists as creative and eloquent as Bunting and Dorman. Watching and listening to them explain what they’re doing and why is a series of valuable educational assets, and typical of the quality Fstoppers videos are known for. Nice job, everyone!

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Comments (7)

  • JR


    Enjoyed the video, good job guys. Shout out to wrist candy…. :P


  • Giulio Sciorio


    Way to go Blair. Good to see him kicking ass.


  • Digital Dennis


    Not bad video lighting was interesting thought the end result ended up a little too over processed loosing some the cars charachter but enjoyed the video thanks for sharing


  • dada


    agree with dennis.. great work, but a bit too much post production..

    remind me this mapping on a lambo:


  • Dave


    Ansel Adams shot a black leather upholstered bar with flashlights using the same sweeping technique. I’ve been doing it for a decade in our parking lot at night for spots in different car catalogs. Works much better with metallic paint. Wear black and stay out of the eyeshot – camera to light. One smith victor clip light and 6 exposures. The only trouble I’ve seen is increased noise with longer exposures. Great tutorial.


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