Allen Johnson on his New BatPac

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Allen Johnson, a wedding a portrait photographer in Southern California, recently wrote us unsolicited to share his thoughts on his new BatPac. Here’s what he sent us, in his own words.

When I removed my BatPac from the packaging, it was the same sensation I’ve experienced when unpacking a new Apple product. Profoto has taken the extra step in the packaging and presentation of their product. Right out of the box, the BatPac is ready to go wherever you want to take it. As a photographer who has opportunities to travel abroad, I appreciate the different power plugs that will allow me to take it anywhere.

One of the key features of the BatPac is the versatility to carry it as a backpack when on location. If you make the decision to take lighting to the next level as I have, you know you need to find the balance between the beauty of natural lighting and the accuracy and reliability of studio lighting. The BatPac is a key component to achieving my desired effect. The BatPac also has a safety feature not seen on other units, a “safety key,” needed to allow the unit to power on.

The flexibility to use and power other devices along with my D1 strobes was impressive. What about the performance? This pack offers 300+ flashes from the D1—quite impressive! When you consider all these vital features, it’s easy to see why professionals are choosing the BatPac.

Thanks very much, Allen!

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  • VS


    I am considering also.

    You mentioned, 300+ flashes. At what power settings and which D1 watt/sec unit.

    Do you have to start increasing the power setting on the D1 if the BatPac is starting to loose energy or is not fully charged?


    • Profoto Blogger


      I use D1 Air 1000, these are powerful lights and you can use them in many ways. When using the D1 Strobes out doors, I tend to use only 1 strobe and only use it as a fill. I will use a strip soft box and only need a low power setting to fill in the shadows. I always have all my equipment fully charged the night before an event and have not run in to an issue. Knowing the limitations of your equipment is crucial when making decisions on when and where to use it. I have not had to increase power on the strobes as the battery is drained, however; strobe recycle times take longer. This is why you need to know the limitations of your equipment.

      –Allen Johnson


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